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Veterinary Inside Sales Reps - Meet Your Best Friend

By Pam Foster
June, 2016

If you're involved in selling veterinary products, equipment and services as an Inside Sales Representative (ISR), you're on the front lines of providing the latest and best innovations to practices every day. Your customers — veterinarians, office managers, lead veterinary technicians and others — count on you to know specific product details, such as storage requirements, shelf life, labels, withdraw guidelines, proper dosing and more. This means you need to stay up to date on thousands upon thousands of products at all times.

So how do you stay on top of all the veterinary product details so you can be responsive to customers each day?

With the Vet-Advantage Resource App located on our website, of course. We developed this amazing, comprehensive resource to help you provide exceptional service to every customer, at all times.

Vet Advantage photo: New Vet-Advantage website features Resource app.

To make sure you know all the features and benefits it offers you, we'd like to give you a tour right now.

We invite you to open our website in another window and follow along.

When you arrive at the website, click on the Veterinary Advantage Resource button (below the rotating thumbnails of our latest issues).

Vet Advantage photo: The Vet-Advantage Resource App is where you'll see a list of everything you need as an inside sales and customer service rep.







Once that page is open, click on the top left set of bars to open the MENU.

This is where you'll see a list of everything you need at your fingertips:

  • Directories
  • Manufacturer Library
  • VAM News & Publications
  • MSD
  • Labels
  • Educational Resources
  • Practice Resources
  • SoundBytes

Let's look at each section and how it helps you.

Start at the Directories Tab, which opens a list.

Scroll down to the section labeled Manufacturers. Here's where you'll find a comprehensive, alphabetical list includes ALL the manufacturers we're aware of in animal health. We do our best to include manufacturers that work with distributors and those that don't (but are willing to be included in our directory).

Why? Because sometimes a client needs something (a widget) that you don't sell. This allows you to at least provide the information so clients aren't scrambling in the dark.

Simply click on any manufacturer to visit their website, where you can see everything they offer.

Next, go back to the menu and select Manufacturer Library.

This section includes all the companies who have chosen to list their product collateral/information materials in the Resource App. It's a complete library of product information at your fingertips!

Select any company to see their product sell sheets/detailers, promotions, ads, tech sheets, Sales Reps rosters and more. And, you can email this information to clinics and copy your outside sales rep, who can follow up during visits.

Now, go back to the menu and select VAM Publications.

Our magazine archives and other materials contain a wealth of information, including sales tips and more, going back over the past two years. These journals include:

  • Companion Edition
  • Digital Edition
  • Equine Edition
  • Equipment Guide
  • Livestock Edition
  • Resource Guide

This section also includes all Vet-Advantage News articles about events in the industry.

Need to view SDS/MSDS Sheets? You'll find those in the menu too.

Here, you'll find the current web link for the SDS/MSDS Retrieval Service. Every practice, for every product they have, must have an SDS/MSDS sheet on file. You can help them find information if there's a spill or exposure in the clinic, for instance.

How about Labels? You'll find those in the menu too.

Visit this section to find the current web link to the Compendium website, which has:

  • Drug withdraw information
  • A "compare" feature: If a product is on backorder, you can look for an alternative. Type in the active ingredient(s) and find other options with the same ingredients.

Now go back to menu and check out the Educational Resources.

Here, you'll find best-practice articles and more to strengthen your sales skills, veterinary medicine background knowledge (from allergies to vaccines), inventory management skills and more.

The next menu item is Practice Resources.

This is where you'll find industry papers and guidelines from AAHA and CAPC, plus a Pricing Index and much, much more. Explore!

Finally, check out Soundbytes, our final menu item.

Vet Advantage SoundBytes are quick reference sheets for products, listing the top features and benefits of each.

It's easy to email anything you access to your customers and the outside sales rep. We hope you'll use this resource as your daily go-to-reference to stay in the know and help answer questions for your clients.

You can also access the Resource app by clicking on Resource App in the red navigation bar. If you want to go straight to the Manufacturers Library, click on MFR Library from the red navigation bar.

Vet Advantage photo: Red Navigation Bar access Resource app and Manufacturers Library

Remember to save the link in your favorites for quick access anytime.

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