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Veterinary Chemistry Analyzers: Prospecting Tips

By Vet-Advantage
March, 2015

To save precious time when a patient is ill, injured or being prepared for surgery, more and more practices are using in-house lab testing. Testing in-house increases client convenience and compliance, which ultimately provides vets with more business.

Customers may consider switching to a new or different chemistry analyzer when you show the benefits of ease of use, aid to diagnostic decision making, and increased practice efficiency.

Reasons practices buy chemistry analyzers

  • They want more information for confident decision making, even with complex cases.

  • They believe the new equipment would complement their practice work flow and increase staff efficiency. They’d like to avoid worrying about pick up times for samples from outside labs and the chance of those samples being compromised.

  • They need an easier and faster way to run tests and interpret the results.

Clinic clues for quality leads

When you're visiting a veterinary hospital, look for chemistry analyzers that are outdated or that use older test panels or procedures. Or, see if the staff is waiting for a turn at the chemistry analyzer.

Of course, if you don't see a chemistry analyzer or other lab equipment, you'll want to discuss the benefits of in-house testing with the practice.

Conversation strategy: Check-Off & Echo Notes


If you’re not sure the practice has an in-house system, establish your direction:

“Have you recently considered obtaining or upgrading an in-house chemistry analyzer?”

Present Confidence

If YES, confirm and support benefits.

If NO, assert the benefits with confidence:

“I’m sure chemistry analyzers improve point-of care decisions and generate incremental revenue.”

Invite a Neutral Discussion

“Let’s look at wellness and preanesthetic testing benefits for your practice…”

Let the Customer Decide

“…So you can decide if this analyzer will help you provide better care and a more favorable financial outcome.”

Questions to ask during your review and alignment process

  • “How old is your analyzer?”
  • “What do you like and/or dislike about your chemistry analyzer?”
  • “What tests do you currently run on it?” “Does it give you everything you need?”
  • “Do you require pre-anesthetic or wellness blood testing to reduce risks in your patients?”
  • “What would greater automation and a computer system interface mean to your practice?”
  • “How much are you currently paying per month/quarter for Extended Maintenance Agreements?”
  • “How long have you owned your current analyzers? Are you currently making monthly lease payments? If so, what is your monthly payment and how long do you have left in your current lease?”
  • “Tell me about your past experiences with “service after the sale.” 

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