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Vet-Advantage Launches the Resource app

By Vet-Advantage
June, 2015

The Vet-Advantage Resource app officially launched today! This sales tool is designed to solve key challenges facing both distributor sales reps and the manufacturing companies you represent. Our Vet-Advantage research team did some investigating and found that the following are key challenges to both parties.

Key Challenges for DSRs

Time constraints and lack of organization are two key challenges for all sales professionals, according to Both obstacles directly and negatively impact revenues.

A third challenge is meeting the expectations of delivering just-in-time information, especially within the very limited amount of time sales people actually have to engage with their customers.

These three obstacles are particularly challenging for animal health distributor sales reps (DSRs) most of whom source products from 200 to 350 manufacturers and manage 18,000 to 40,000 SKUs for their customers. Because DSRs often have to navigate numerous content repositories to find the latest sales content and selling tools for each manufacturer they represent, the challenges of organization and time can be greater. 

Key Challenge for Marketing Teams

A 2013 KnowledgeTree survey showed that 84 percent of marketers believe they’ve done a good job in making it easy for salespeople to find content they need, yet only 51 percent of salespeople feel that the right content is readily accessible. This means most marketers need to make it even easier for sales reps to access the collateral needed to close sales.

The Resource app Provides SolutionsVet-Advantage Resource app

The Vet-Advantage Resource App addresses these obstacles facing DSRs and manufacturers by providing a single, mobile repository for product sales and marketing support.

By doing so, the Resource pp can help minimize the time it takes DSRs to prepare for appointments with customers.

The Resource app also enables DSRs to use mobile devices as a tool for delivering just in time information.

According to the 2014 Vet-Advantage Reader Survey, 78% of DSRs regularly text customers, 58% detail from a tablet, and 78% consider a smart phone to be a valuable business tool.

The Resource app helps a DSR turn a mobile device into a digital sales and educational tool. It’s designed to enhance efficiency so you can spend more time selling and less time searching for content you need to support your selling efforts. It also serves as a communication tool, allowing you to register leads, forward and share detailers with customers, and look up MSDS and Product Labels to answer practice questions at the point of call.

When was the last time you were face-to-face with a customer or on the phone and needed to provide an answer concerning a product but couldn’t find it and had to provide the information later, after you were able to locate it? 

Click here to share your stories with us. We’ll be sure to enhance the Resource app accordingly to help make sure you don’t get stuck again.

To download the Resource app

1 - Go to your app store (for Apple and for Android devices).

2 - Search: Vet-Advantage Resource.

3 – Watch our demo video.

DSRs click here.

MFRs click here.

Turn your mobile device into a sales and educational tool with the Vet-Advantage Resource app!

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