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Making Sense of the Overwhelming Options in Veterinary Technology

By: Pam Foster
February, 2019

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Connected practice management systems. Client communication apps. Real-time telemedicine. Integrated diagnostic reports. Smart collars that send patient vital signs back to the practice. These are just a few areas where new technology is emerging at a breathtaking pace.

Yes, innovative technologies are very exciting because they offer practices more efficient and informed patient-care and practice-management options… but it’s hard for practice teams to know which technologies will help them the most. So many choices!

As a Distribution Sales Representative (DSR) — you can be a major part of the solution, guiding practices to confident technology decisions as you help them assess their needs.

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How to Be the DSR That’s a Veterinary Agent of Change

By: Pam Foster
March, 2017

Mobile apps. Wearable trackers. Cloud-based practice management systems. New prevention delivery systems.

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