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2018 Flea-Tick Pricing is a Whole New Ballgame for Veterinary Practices

By: Pam Foster
January, 2018

Spring — and spring training — are not so far away. And when baseball season arrives, so do the fleas and ticks emerging from this deep-freeze winter.

It’s time to start talking with your customers now about prepping for flea-tick season. But this year, it should be a very different conversation from the past. Why?

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Help Clinics Improve Flea-Tick Control with AAHA Lifestyle Discussions

By: Pam Foster
April, 2016

We understand what your days are like as an industry sales representative. We truly do. We know you're running from appointment to appointment, trying to make sure each practice has the tools and resources they need for managing pet wellness while running a thriving business.

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