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Feline Anxiety Solutions Help Practices Make a Huge Difference to Cats

By: Pam Foster
September, 2018

Here’s a set of feline statistics to consider for a moment. 

  • 90% of pet owners are seeking help with behavior issues,1
  • Behavior-related issues are the most common reason for euthanasia in cats2, and
  • They’re the second most common reason for relinquishment of cats to shelters.3

Were you aware that behavior issues were so prominent for cats and so devastating for their owners?

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15 Big Ideas Veterinary DSRs Can Recommend to Boost Feline Care Visits

By: Pam Foster
July, 2017

15 Big Ideas Veterinary DSRs Can Recommend to Boost Feline Care Visits 

Back in 2012, the “Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study III – Feline Findings” revealed some major gaps in practice efforts to increase feline visits.

When surveyed practices were asked, “[Have you] implemented changes in the last 2 years to reduce stress for cats?”… 24% said, “No, but we intend to,” and 35% said, “No we do not intend to.” That’s a total of 59% who hadn’t implemented changes to reduce stress — a major barrier to visits.

In addition, when asked, “Has [the] staff been trained to make cat visit less stressful?”… 31% of the survey participants said No.

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