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How to Close the Gap in Presenting Equipment to Veterinary Practices

By: Pam Foster
August, 2017
5 Easy Steps to Capturing More Equipment Business

Recently we posted an article about the AVDA (American Veterinary Distributors) survey showing that practice decision makers strongly prefer buying products from Distribution Sales Reps (DSRs) versus directly from manufacturers.  

In the Equipment category, distributors didn’t score quite as well as in other categories, suggesting there is work to be done. Looks like there’s a gap there - one we’d like to help you close!

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The CIV News DSRs Should be Discussing with Veterinary Practices Now

By: Pam Foster
July, 2017

Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) — in particular, the H3N2 strain that made national news during the 2015 Chicago outbreak — is making big news again. The AVMA reported that, “In May 2017, canine H3N2 influenza was diagnosed in dogs in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, and Illinois.”

As of June 30, 2017, CIV had infected, “More than 82 dogs in Florida, killing at least four of them, and had temporarily closed both a leading Orlando shelter and an unidentified boarding facility,” according to an Orlando Sentinel news report.

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15 Big Ideas Veterinary DSRs Can Recommend to Boost Feline Care Visits

By: Pam Foster
July, 2017

15 Big Ideas Veterinary DSRs Can Recommend to Boost Feline Care Visits 

Back in 2012, the “Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study III – Feline Findings” revealed some major gaps in practice efforts to increase feline visits.

When surveyed practices were asked, “[Have you] implemented changes in the last 2 years to reduce stress for cats?”… 24% said, “No, but we intend to,” and 35% said, “No we do not intend to.” That’s a total of 59% who hadn’t implemented changes to reduce stress — a major barrier to visits.

In addition, when asked, “Has [the] staff been trained to make cat visit less stressful?”… 31% of the survey participants said No.

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