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Get Ahead of Veterinary Dental Month with WSAVA’s New Guidelines

By: Pam Foster
December, 2017

The holidays are here, and then – poof – it will be time to help practices prep for a successful February National Pet Dental Health Month. 

For February 2018, the big news for your customers is the release of WSAVA’s new Global Dental Guidelines, which were debuted at the 42nd World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2017.

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Peer Proof and the DSR Role in Veterinary Dental Revenue Growth

By: Pam Foster
November, 2017

If you’ve been in the veterinary industry for a while, you’re probably aware that most veterinarians like to see “peer proof” of success with a new procedure, technique, device, or practice-building tactic.

Most veterinarians aren’t keen on being the first to try something new. They’re generally risk-averse and they demand proof before trying something different. Perhaps you’ve noticed this during your clinic visits. 

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Millennials and Veterinary Oral Care Decisions: What DSRs Need to Know

By: Pam Foster
April, 2017

When you visit the veterinary practices in your region, do you talk with them about millennials — the age group between 18 and 34?

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