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Bordetella and CIV: Let’s Turn Our Attention to Infectious Diseases in Boarding Facilities

By: Pam Foster
March, 2017

Is the topic of infectious diseases in dog boarding facilities on your discussion checklist when you’re preparing to visit practices? 

It should be, even if it may not be as exciting as the latest laser device or other high-tech innovation.

The reason is, boarding kennels are still extremely vulnerable to outbreaks of Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bordetella/kennel cough) and CIV (canine influenza virus/canine flu), as this Cornell University map shows for CIV. 

Madeleine Stahl, DVM, associate director, scientific marketing affairs, Merck Animal Health, told us, “Respiratory diseases, such as canine influenza, are highly infectious and spread very quickly from dog to dog or through fomites such as clothing or hands. A coughing dog on day 1 can quickly escalate to 10 or 20 dogs in a matter of days. Vaccines are preventatives and must be implemented before exposure.”

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