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Time to Sink Your Teeth into February National Pet Dental Month 2019

By Pam Foster
November, 2018

Each year, February’s National Pet Dental Health Month sneaks up on practices (and sales professionals) because when we should be talking about it — late fall — we’re already into the holiday season, then the new year, and then suddenly it’s February!

Veterinary Resources for Pet Dental HealthWe don’t want clinics to miss out on all the benefits of encouraging oral-health checkups: increased awareness, more appointments and better patient care.

Not only that, you want to make sure you’re the trusted resource helping practices gear up for dental month as you present the latest and best equipment, supplies, training, and more from various dental equipment/products manufacturers.

So, let’s help practices get ahead of it this year so they can set up effective campaigns to educate clients and book appointments. 

The AVMA makes it easy for you.

Sharon Curtis Granskog, Associate Director, Media Relations/Marketing and Communications for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), has shared a treasure trove of materials you can introduce to your customers if they’re not already aware of them.

First, they offer clinics a variety of promotional for personalization. Please note that this content is available only to AVMA members, and clinics will need to log in to access the materials. But for purposes of this blog post, Sharon allowed us to give you a sneak peek at what’s behind the member login “wall.”

Pet Dental Health: Veterinary Toolkit
Clinics can use the following resources to educate clients about the importance of dental care – and encourage them to make sure their pets get the exams, cleanings and other dental services they need to stay healthy. It's especially timely during National Pet Dental Health Month in February, but practices will also find these materials helpful with clients year-round.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month flyer to post this in waiting rooms, exam rooms, even in the clinic window to raise awareness of Pet Dental Health Month and encourage clients to schedule needed dental exams.

Pet Dental Care handout to educate clients about the importance of pet dental health year-round. Available exclusively to AVMA members in both color and black and white.

Pet Dental Care brochure 
(four-color) with in-depth information about pet dental health and care. Also available in Spanish, it covers these topics:

  • Periodontal disease in pets
  • What can I do at home for my pet’s oral health?
  • What is veterinary dentistry, and who should perform it?
  • Causes of dental problems in pets
  • Before and after dental cleanings
  • Oral health in dogs and cats
  • Why does dentistry require anesthesia?

Sharon mentioned that the AVMA dental toolkit also includes videos, podcasts and other educational tools to help educate clients.

In addition, the AVMA has created materials to help practice team educate THEMSELVES and market their services in February and throughout the year.

Publicity and Marketing Tools

  • Stress-Free Ways to Celebrate in Your Clinic: Easy ways to observe National Pet Dental Health Month in the clinic.
  • Promotion and Marketing Ideas: Marketing ideas and tools that make it easy to get the word out and generate excitement about the clinic’s promotions and events.
  • Publicity Tools: A customizable press release and letter to the editor, a newsletter article they can copy directly into their newsletter, photos they can send to the media, and other tools to help generate publicity during Pet Dental Health Month. 
  • Talking Points for Media Interviews: Once they bring in calls from reporters wanting interviews, the AVMA’s talking points help make those interviews stress-free.

Social Media and Website Content

Clinics can use pre-written social media posts for Facebook and Twitter as fresh content for throughout Pet Dental Health Month… and use them as models to write their own personal messages. Plus, practices can use the AVMA’s downloadable images and a Facebook cover image to share on their social media timelines.

Partners for Healthy Pets

Partners for Healthy Pets also has copy-and-paste content practices can use on their social media feeds and website to remind clients to bring their pets in for dental exams during National Pet Dental Health Month.

To see all the AVMA tools for clients and practices, visit this February is National Pet Dental Health Month web page.

As you review these resources with your customers, it’s a great time to ask if they’re equipped to manage additional dental visits. For instance, ask them:

  • Is their equipment up-to-date and running well… or is it time for an upgrade now? (Remind the practice that if they invest in equipment in 2018, they may qualify for IRS Section 179 tax benefits. See our blog post on how that works.)
  • Do they have the supplies they need?
  • Have they seen the latest tools, techniques, or other new products/solutions (you may have in your catalog)?

Start now to help your customers ramp up for a super-successful February dental season and beyond!

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