July 11th, 2017


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  • Veterinary Products, Inc. to join The Veterinary Cooperative
  • Vetericyn Training Winners Announced
  • Zomedica strengthens executive leadership team
  • More than 82 cases of canine flu in Florida
  • Pet owners, firms, explore marijuana-based therapies for pets
  • Wetter conditions in NE could produce more mosquito-borne illnesses
  • AVMA, AAVMC release “Market for Veterinary Education” Report
  • Vet Innovations to present at the 2017 Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum 
  • Final phase of VIC Innovation Awards

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  • Dairy organizations challenge Canada’s pricing policy
  • EU, Japan trade pact removes tariffs on many ag goods
  • PEDV cases confirmed in Canada
  • Food ingredients maker sees strong demand for probiotics for livestock
  • World Dairy Expo® is now accepting entries for the 2017 Dairy Cattle Show

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Vet-Advantage announces new SoundBytes now available

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Veterinary Products, Inc. to join The Veterinary Cooperative
The Veterinary Cooperative (TVC) announced that Veterinary Products, Inc. (VPI) stockholder-owners approved TVC’s offer to allow VPI stockholders and members to join TVC, according to a release. The transaction of VPI members joining TVC and VPIs dissolution is expected to be completed by the end of July. “I am excited to welcome the potential 600 VPI members into the TVC family of independent clinics “ said Rich Morris CEO of the Veterinary Cooperative. “TVC’s current membership totals about 2,300, and is projected to reach about 3,000 clinics by the end of the year.” TVC was founded in September 2012 and is headquartered in Evanston, Ill; its member-owners are in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. VPI was a co-op founded in 1994 by a group of 10 veterinarians to create a veterinary-owned distributorship focused on preserving the independent veterinary practice model.  

Vetericyn Training Winners Announced
Vetericyn is pleased to announce the drawing winners of the 2017 Vetericyn training initiative. There were 42 opportunities for distributor sales reps to win. Congratulations to all the winners! Click here to see the list of winners for Vetericyn.  

Zomedica strengthens executive leadership team
Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp. announced that Bruk Herbst has joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer. In this new company position, he is responsible for delivering and executing Zomedica’s commercial strategy, as well as leading the company’s business groups across multiple functional areas, including sales, marketing, and customer support and service operations. Herbst brings with him more than 20 years of experience leading commercial strategies to drive sales, marketing, support and technical teams to achieve accelerated revenue growth, lasting customer relationships and industry-leading results, in particular leading the successful launch of an extensive number of products for the veterinary industry. He will lead the commercial strategic launch for Zomedica’s diagnostic, point of care and therapeutic product offerings. Prior to joining Zomedica, Herbst was the Executive Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at i4C Innovations. Concurrently, Chief Operations Officer Stephanie Morley, DVM, will transition into a dual role of Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Product Development.

More than 82 cases of canine flu in Florida
According to the Orlando Sentinel, the local outbreak of canine flu that began in May has now infected more than 82 dogs in Florida, killing at least four of them, and has temporarily closed both a leading Orlando shelter and an unidentified Orange County boarding facility. The highly contagious bug is also prompting changes at county animal shelters in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake. One of the nation’s top authorities on the disease is recommending that virtually all dogs should be given the two-part vaccine. “If you don’t think it’s worthwhile to vaccinate, talk to somebody who has had a dog sickened from this virus,” said Dr. Cynda Crawford, who teaches at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and is an expert on canine influenza. “Talk to somebody whose dog had this and was hospitalized with pneumonia — and they had a $5,000 bill.” 

Pet owners, firms, explore marijuana-based therapies for pets
According to a recent NPR report, a growing number of pet owners and firms are exploring marijuana-based therapies for man's best friend. According to a recent NPR report, some firms are marketing CBD for noise anxiety and other ailments in companion animals. Denver-based Therabis specifically advertises one of its hemp-derived CBD supplements as an aid to help dogs get through the Fourth of July. And the Los Angeles-based makers of VetCBD oil say that early July, along with New Year's Eve, is one of their busiest sales periods. Animal shelters tend to see an increased influx of runaway pets around the two holidays -- because of fireworks, notes VetCBD’s founder Tim Shu, who is also a veterinarian. Still, cannabis therapies for pets fall into a legal gray zone. While numerous states, including California, have legalized medical marijuana and/or recreational pot for people, cannabis remains federally illegal, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently clarified that it considers CBD extracts unlawfultoo. None of the cannabis-derived products for pets are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and state licensing agencies, such as the California Veterinary Medical Board, don't allow veterinarians to prescribe them. Read more at: 

Wetter conditions in NE could produce more mosquito-borne illnesses
According to the Associated Press, a wetter-than-normal spring in the Northeast is producing a bumper crop of mosquitoes, leading to worries of a corresponding spike in mosquito-borne illnesses this summer. The heavy rain that erased last summer’s drought has put public health officials on alert as summer begins to unfold. “Anecdotally, everybody is telling me that they’re being eaten alive by mosquitoes,” said Sara Robinson, an epidemiologist for the Maine Center for Disease Control. But, she hastened to add, it’s too early to say whether there will be an increase in West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis. It was the fourth-wettest spring on record in the Northeast and the wettest April ever recorded in Buffalo, New York, said Samantha Borisoff, from the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University.

AVMA, AAVMC release “Market for Veterinary Education” Report  
The 2017 AVMA and AAVMC announced the release of a report on “The Market for Veterinary Education. The 2017 AVMA and AAVMC Report on “The Market for Veterinary Education” describes a profession and its academic foundation that continue to rebound from the throes of the Great Recession. The number of applicants rose to 6,667 in 2016 and 7,071 in 2017, which was the highest since 1981. The applicant-to-seat ratio continues to hover at about 1.6:1, and in 2016, more than 2,900 graduates were produced. 93.1% of 2016 graduates found full-time work or pursued additional or graduate education. However, educational debt continues to loom. The report describes the current debt-to-income ratio (DIR) as about 2:1 and experts believe a 1.4:1 DIR is a healthy ratio for the profession. For more information, visit

Vet Innovations to present at the 2017 Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum
Vet Innovations, Inc., maker of PortionPro Rx™, has been selected to present at the 2017 Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum, according to a release. The Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum provides a unique opportunity for venture capital funds, investment firms, and animal health companies to hear from emerging businesses with the newest technology. PortionPro Rx is the only professional-grade veterinary device that automatically dispenses timed, portion-controlled food to a specific pet while denying access to food to all other pets, a key aspect of a successful veterinarian-prescribed wellness and weight management program, the release said. “It’s quite an honor to be selected to present at this prestigious annual event,” says Bob LaRoche, president and chief executive officer of Vet Innovations. “This invitation confirms the importance of PortionPro Rx in fulfilling the significant need to reverse the epidemic of pet obesity in multi-pet households in the United States, Canada, and beyond.”

Final phase of VIC Innovation Awards
The NAVC announced that the final phase of the VIC Innovation Awards is currently underway. The NAVC launched the VIC Innovation Awards in January 2017. The goals of this program are to recognize, cultivate, and celebrate innovation in the veterinary profession and animal health industry. More than 100 nominations for the 2017 VIC Innovation Awards were received between February and May 2017. A 16 member advisory board selected a subset of the most innovative nominees to be presented to the animal health industry for crowd-sourced voting which began July 1. The voting period is open until 12pm ET on September 30, 2017. The ultimate winner of each of the 10 categories will be determined by majority vote. To see who made it to the final voting phase, and to cast your vote, visit:

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Dairy organizations challenge Canada’s pricing policy
According to a Brownfield AgNews report, three U.S. dairy groups have been joined by seven international dairy organizations as they challenge Canada's new Class 7 milk pricing policy. The 10 groups sent a letter asking their country's trade officials to use all options, including World Trade Organization action to end the Canadian practices. The International Dairy Foods Association, the National Milk Producers Federation, and the U.S. Dairy Export Council have been saying Canada’s new policies allow them to dump cheap powdered products on the world market. Dairy groups from Argentina, Australia, the European Union, Mexico and New Zealand agree. So far this year, the coalition says Canada’s incentives to produce cheaper milk for ingredients has not only displaced U.S. milk exports but has also led to a 273% increase of Canadian skim milk powder exports in the first four months of 2017 compared to a year ago. That’s almost 12-thousand tons of skim milk powder. 

EU, Japan trade pact removes tariffs on many ag goods
According to Reuters, European farmers on Thursday welcomed an agreement between the EU and Japan on a free trade pact which will remove tariffs on much of their bilateral trade, especially for some agricultural goods. Producers and exporters of meat and dairy as well as wines and other specialty foods, categories which are currently highly protected in Japan, will see the biggest windfall from the tariff reductions EU farm lobby Copa-Cogeca said in a statement.

PEDV cases confirmed in Canada
According to National Hog Farmer, Manitoba Pork Council confirms 41 positive operations identified in southeast Manitoba in the 2017 porcine epidemic diarrhea virus outbreak. So far, officials confirmed PEDV on 18 sow operations representing over 54,000 sows, seven nurseries representing just over 126,000 nursery spaces and 16 feeder operations representing just over 99,000 feeder spaces.

Food ingredients maker sees strong demand for probiotics for livestock
According to a Reuters report, food ingredients maker Chr. Hansen is seeing strong demand for probiotics for animals as farmers and restaurant chains come under growing pressure to use fewer antibiotics in the food chain, its chief executive said. Scientists warn the routine use of antibiotics in animals is contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” posing a major threat to human health. “There is a strong underlying driver from consumers and investors that wants the (meat) industry to reduce antibiotics so there is a long-term underlying very positive trend,” Chr. Hansen CEO Cees de Jong told Reuters on Wednesday, as the Danish company posted forecast-beating third-quarter results. 

World Dairy Expo® is now accepting entries for the 2017 Dairy Cattle Show
World Dairy Expo® is now accepting entries for the 2017 Dairy Cattle Show, October 3-7, in Madison, Wis. Online and paper entry forms are due August 31 at 11:59 p.m. (CST). Late entries may be submitted online through September 10, and paper entries will be honored until the day of the show, both for an increased fee. To be eligible to show, all animals must have an official USDA AIN or Canadian CCIA RFID number listed on the entry form at the time of submission. Animals lacking this number – or with a pending identification status – will not be accepted. For exhibitors residing within the United States and needing tags with USDA AIN numbers, Datamars, Inc. is generously providing up to ten 840-series RFID tag sets per exhibitor. More information regarding identification requirements is included in the Premium Book. Entry forms, the schedule of events, rules and other updates can also be found in the Premium Book – mailed to recent dairy cattle exhibitors on July 1, or available online at New exhibitors may request a copy of the Premium Book by contacting Laurie Breuch, Dairy Cattle Show Coordinator, at or Ann Marie Magnochi, Dairy Cattle Show Manager, at

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Merck Animal Health announces appointments 
Merck Animal Health announced Kathleen Heaney, D.V.M., has been named Executive Director of Technical Services the company’s recently formed U.S. Companion Animal and Equine Team. In her new role, Dr. Heaney will oversee the team’s technical services and pharmacovigilance groups. She initially joined the company in 2010 and most recently served as Director of Companion Animal Technical Services. With more than 20 years of experience in antiparasitic, anesthetic and bone biology research and development, Dr. Heaney has contributed to the launch of several notable animal health products, including SCALIBOR® (deltamethrin), ACTIVYL® (indoxacarb) and Bravecto® (fluralaner). She first worked in general veterinary practice for seven years before joining American Cyanamid Company and later Fort Dodge Animal Health, which was the beginning of her career in animal health pharmaceutical research and development.
Merck also announced that Rick Sibbel, D.V.M., has been named Executive Director of Technical Services for the company’s recently formed U.S. Food Animal Team. In his new role, Dr. Sibbel oversees the technical services and pharmacovigilance groups for the company’s ruminants, swine and poultry businesses. With more than 35 years of experience in veterinary medicine, Dr. Sibbel has helped bring more than 20 vaccines the livestock and poultry markets. He played leading roles in the development and launch of the first genetically engineered pseudo rabies vaccine, the first influenza vaccine for swine and the first viral-vectored vaccine for poultry. He held previous roles at the company including Director of U.S. Beef Cattle Technical Services and Global Ruminant Technical Services Group Director.

Phibro Animal Health announces Gerald Carlson retirement, Larry Miller promotion
Phibro Animal Health announced that Gerald Carlson, Chief Operating Officer, will retire after 14 years with Phibro, effective July 1, 2016. Jack Bendheim, Phibro’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “During his tenure, Jerry played a critical role in Phibro’s business success. He was instrumental to Phibro’s strategic direction and the growth of our business, programs and people. We greatly appreciate his contributions to shaping the organization.” Carlson will continue as a member of the Board of Directors. Effective July 1, 2016, Larry Miller will be promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Online VFD module designed to help producers and veterinarians
According to a Dairy Herd Management report, striving to provide the most up-to-date information on upcoming changes in regulations related to the Veterinary Feed Directive, the Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) at Kansas State University is offering a new online resource – for free. The BCI partnered with animal health experts Mike Apley of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Brian Lubbers of the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, to create an online informational module that answers frequently asked questions regarding the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Changes to the regulations as a result of the directive are scheduled to take place Jan. 1, 2017. According to Lubbers, K-State has been heavily involved with face-to-face meetings regarding the VFD, but the online modules will give producers and veterinarians an opportunity to gain foundational knowledge on their own time. The free informational modules for beef producers and veterinarians can be found at

World Pork Expo will host pork professionals from around the world
The World Pork Expo offers innovation, networking and education as more than 20,000 pork producers and ag professionals from across the world convene June 8-10 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Presented by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), Expo showcases the world’s largest pork-specific trade show, educational seminars, national youth swine shows, open shows and sales, as well as tasty grilled pork and more. Producers, exhibitors and media from approximately 48 countries are expected to attend the 2016 event. “For anyone interested in pork production, World Pork Expo offers a well-rounded experience. There are seminars where you can hear about the latest research, shop the trade show to see what’s new, and network with fellow pork producers,” says John Weber, NPPC president and pork producer from Dysart, Iowa. “Expo is a great place to re-charge your engine and return home with new ideas.”

Inventory up, prices down for wholesale eggs
Feedstuffs magazine reported and AgriMarketing highlighted that the national shell egg inventory reported May 23 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture was 1.349 million cases, a 1.2% increase from the prior week and 24.9% greater than the five-year average for the period. At 347,600 cases, Urner Barry analyst Brian Moscogiuri said stock inventories advanced just slightly week over week and were up 27.7% in relation to the five-year picture. Total shell egg inventories were 1.697 million cases, up 1% from the prior period and 25.4% more than the five-year average. “Wholesale shell egg prices continued to slide last week, hitting lows (not seen) since 2006,” Moscogiuri noted. “Supplies are available at a number of plants, and sellers are struggling to find an interested party. Retail business has slowed as features shift toward grilling items ahead of Memorial Day. Export buyers have also pulled out of the marketplace. Further processors are taking advantage of current conditions, purchasing eggs once destined for the graded channel at deep discounts.”

Trichomoniasis diagnosed in 13 South Dakota herds
According to a report by the S.D. Animal Industry Board in The Daily Republic, 13 South Dakota beef herds have been diagnosed with the Trichomoniasis foetus (trich) infection since December 2015, including one herd in Gregory County. Trichomoniasis is transmitted between cows and bulls during breeding activity. Once established in the female reproductive tract, trich causes an inflammatory reaction leading to abortion. Cows may eventually clear the infection or may remain carrier animals. There is no treatment for infected bulls. Producers are often unaware of the problem until the disease is well established in a herd. Signs that the disease may be present in a herd include a high number of open cows or the presence of many late-calving cows, which result from the early term abortions and then rebreeding of the cows. Producers are encouraged to consult with their veterinarians for more information regarding the risk of trich in their herd.


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