Coaching: Helping Others Succeed

By: Patrick T. Malone
March, 2018

With society’s current focus inward, the concept of helping others succeed may not seem like the answer to the perennial question, “What’s in it for me?” Yet, when one does stop long enough to contemplate the commonality of the success around us, we begin to see how helping others succeed plays a central role in our individual success.

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Small Ruminants Need Health, Too.

By: Maria Leite Browning, DVM, MS, and Richard Browning, PhD
September, 2012

Be aware of small ruminants’ health needs and have supplies on hand to help customers get through fall and winter.

In the late fall/winter, most small ruminants in breeding herds and flocks are pregnant and kidding and lambing often begin then. Replacement females from the spring are being developed or perhaps are also pregnant if bred to kid and lamb as yearlings. Some producers may be holding market kids and lambs in anticipation of selling during the typical seasonal rise in prices in the late fall and winter.

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