Battling Bovine Respiratory Disease

By: Jennifer Ryan
November, 2016

Alternative treatments to BRD aim to prevent disease losses by boosting immunity

It’s likely that no cattle operation is satisfied with its current death loss or illness rate. That’s why producers are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to prevent bovine respiratory disease (BRD) before it strikes.

“If producers aren’t totally satisfied with what they are doing, they are always looking to add something to their program,” says Larry Hawkins, DVM, senior technical services veterinarian for Bayer HealthCare Animal Health Division. “The type of operation, season of year and quality of cattle make a big difference in producers’ satisfaction with their losses. Occasionally there are pens that do go out and have no death loss.”

Despite advances in vaccination and antibiotic technology, BRD incidence and severity hasn’t declined in the last 10 years. Combined with regulatory pressures like the veterinary feed directive (VFD), producers may be looking to reduce their BRD treatment rates through alternative means.

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