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By: Vet-Advantage
June, 2016

Strategic Veterinary Pharmaceuticals announces FDA approval for Oxytocin Injection Sterile Solution

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Product Announcements

By: Vet-Advantage
March, 2014

Animal Health International launches new udder health solution

Animal Health International announced the launch of Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion, both innovations in udder health. Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion are offered to help maintain udder health in dairy cattle* and are available under the company’s Aspen Veterinary Resources® brand. Udder Calm™ is a unique formulation which combines Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera, lanolin and natural oils to promote comfort and udder health in dairy cattle, moisturizing and protecting skin in harsh weather conditions while soothing the udder. Udder Calm™ Spray is available in a blue-tinted spray in 16oz and 128oz bottles, and Udder Calm™ Lotion is available is available in blue or white in 10.1oz bottles. For more information, visit

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