Stay Nimble

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
December, 2018
Help your customers navigate the changing marketplace that may impact their business

It’s been another year of transition in our field with more consolidations and mergers, decreased use of antibiotics, and disruptions caused by shortages, allocations and backorders. It may be hard to believe when you’ve just finished a call with a frustrated customer, but there is a bright side!

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By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
June, 2018
Have you made yourself essential to your veterinary practice’s business?

I subscribe to a handful of daily and weekly blogs in the marketing and customer service fields (that I often fall far behind in actually reading) but one popped up in my inbox the other day from blogger Seth Godin that was short, to-the-point, and really made me think. It simply asked: “If your customers had to stop using your product or service tomorrow, how much would they miss it? How easy are you to replace? How deep are the habits, how essential are the interactions? Being missed when you’re gone is a worthy objective.”

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A Critical Season

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
March, 2018

A successful calving season with healthy cows and their offspring sets the stage for a profitable year for cattle producers

For cattle producers, the issues they face during spring calving season – and how they react to them – affect their success for the rest of the year. A survey conducted last fall by Colorado State University and BEEF magazine asked producers what they considered to be the industry’s top five challenges. 

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Building A Loyal Customer Base

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
October, 2017

Open your medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard and you’ll probably see a few products you’ve used for years – the same peanut butter your mom packed in school lunches or the toothpaste you’ve brushed with since grade school. We all have favorite brands when it comes to products and services, but with so many choices in an ever-changing marketplace, brand loyalty can never be taken for granted. 

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Hobby Farming

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
July, 2017

The growth of hobby farming presents a unique opportunity for your veterinary customers

Until my neighbor hollered across the street to ask if I’d like some fresh eggs, I had no idea that he and his wife had a flock of chickens in their back yard in our midtown Omaha neighborhood. He’s not a person I’d expect to see with a chicken perched on his shoulder. My regular route takes me past a house on one of the metro’s busiest streets with a few hens inside a portable fence in the front yard. Whether it’s to eat healthier, more sustainably or locally, to know where your food is coming from, or as a hobby, 4-H or fair project, urban or backyard farming is growing in popularity and presenting growth opportunities for veterinarians in all types of markets.

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Building Confidence

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
March, 2017


The first months of 2017 have already ushered in significant changes in the livestock industry. The veterinary feed directive (VFD) that took effect on January 1, more mergers, a new administration and a new Secretary of Agriculture will all impact the industry in ways that are still to be determined. The USDA’s Supply & Demand Report projected across-the-board increases in livestock, poultry, egg and dairy production this year – great news for everyone in the animal health industry. The report shows that the cattle industry is projected to expand rapidly, with herd expansion and rebuilding continuing for the next two to three years – thanks to improved pasture and hay conditions and significant cuts in feed costs. This will provide an excellent opportunity for growth for large animal veterinarians and their suppliers.

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Forecast Calls for Sales

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
November, 2016

Plan ahead for the winter months 

Over the next several months, we can all expect to feel the effects of “climate” change. Besides the change brought on by harsh winter weather and its impact on the livestock industry, January will bring a major change in the political climate with the many unknowns of a new administration. Expect changes to the business climate for your veterinary customers and their producers with the new requirements to the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) that go into effect on January 1, 2017. Knowing the seasonal products and procedures used by your clients, understanding the VFD-affected drugs, the new stipulations and their impact to your customers, and keeping tabs on how not only volatile weather, but a volatile economy may affect them will make you a valued partner.

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Sunny Days

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
June, 2016

Ease the stress of summer season by recommending the right products for your customers

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Worth the Effort

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
May, 2016

Even a little bit of product knowledge and education can go a long way

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The Customer-Focused Sales Rep

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
March, 2015

Businesses of all types have one thing in common – without customers they wouldn’t be in business. A company can survive only when it has satisfied customers and grows only by retaining them and recruiting new ones. In a recent survey of more than 100 company managers conducted at the Columbia Business School, customer focus was identified as the single most important differentiator between the best and worst companies in an industry. As an inside sales representative, you have an amazing advantage to connect with your customers on a personal level, by learning and understanding their business, their product preferences, and how you can best bring value to the relationship.

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