When Disaster Strikes

By: Jessica Walker Boehm
December, 2018
Amid some of the fiercest weather events in U.S. history, FFA chapters lend a helping hand to those in need – and discover themselves in the process.

It is said that the best predictor of the future
is the past. Unfortunately, weather and climate disasters have occurred all along, and they show no signs of stopping. In fact, the U.S. experienced a historic year of such disasters in 2017. In total, the United States was impacted by 16 separate billion-dollar disaster events, according to, including three tropical cyclones, eight severe storms, two inland floods, a crop freeze, drought and wildfire.

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Hometown Heroes: Georgia FFA Alumni Chapter Celebrated for Collaboration

By: Jessica Walker Boehm
June, 2018

This Georgia FFA Alumni chapter was recently named best of the best because of its support to its local members. It serves as a lesson for all.

In Miller County, Georgia, agriculture is far more than a profession or a pastime – it’s a way of life. As a result, it’s no surprise the county lays claim to a strong FFA chapter. What is a little more uncommon, however, is the way in which members are bolstered by their alumni chapter.

“The Miller County FFA Alumni Chapter is absolutely phenomenal,” says Bert Bodiford, agriculture teacher at Miller County High School and Miller County’s Young Farmer advisor. “The people involved in our alumni chapter are truly dedicated to helping the Miller County FFA members and to giving them opportunities that they might not have otherwise.”

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Alternative Energy Powers Tennessee Agricultural Education

By: Nicole Ward and Julie Woodard
March, 2018

With her blue-tinted hair pulled into a loose topknot and proudly wearing a school-mascot sweatshirt, FFA member Gabby Kendrick could be any teenager in any high school in any town in America.

Well, not quite.

That’s because, at this moment, Kendrick has traded LOLs and emojis for words like hydrogen, nuclear energy, biodiesel and greenhouse gas emissions. She sounds more like a master’s student than a teenager, but that’s to be expected. As one of 38 FFA members enrolled in the award-winning Whites Creek Alternative Energy Academy in Nashville, Tenn., Kendrick is not alone in her passion for energy conversion.

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Living to Serve

By: Jessica Mozo
October, 2017
Ohio FFA members pay tribute to fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery

Junior and senior high school members from Ohio’s Knox County FFA Chapter are living out the FFA mission to serve on a national level.

In 2013, Jim Scott, Knox County FFA advisor and landscape design and management instructor, had the vision for the annual trip. Participating students are now becoming leaders in their field.

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Take Off!

By: Mark Moore
July, 2017

These high-flying Indiana high schools bring cutting-edge precision technologies to the classroom

Farming isn’t what it used to be, and neither is agricultural education. Pop your head into an Integrated Technology in Agriculture Systems course, for example, and you’ll hear teachers and students engaged in conversations about field and fertility maps, photosynthesis rates from their drone scouting or ways to program a precision planter for optimal planting rates. Students get hands-on experience with the latest in precision farming technologies – lessons that help guide their future and allow them to contribute on their farms.

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FFA: The School at a Zoo

By: Jessica Mozo
March, 2017

Most high school students would jump at the chance to spend half their school day at the local zoo. That’s certainly the case at Asheboro High School (AHS), in North Carolina, where students are participating in a new agricultural education program at the nearby North Carolina Zoo. 

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Call of the Quail

By: Jessica Mozo
November, 2016

Editor’s note: Article courtesy of the National FFA Organization

When Kacy Schlesener of Dover, Kan., noticed a decline in the population of bobwhite quail in her area, she made it her mission to help bring back the small, plump birds popular among hunters.

In 2011, when she was a sophomore at Mission Valley High School, Kacy focused her supervised agricultural experience (SAE) project on repopulating her region with quail. She began hatching quail in an incubator at her parents’ home and raising them until they were ready to sell to local hunters and hunting preserves. Once she saw the first quail hatch from its small egg, Kacy was hooked.

“It’s pretty fun to watch,” she says. “I had 250 eggs in my first batch, and it was so cool to see them all hatch.”

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This Job’s for the Birds

By: Jessica Mozo
June, 2016

Some important diseases are concerns for more than just cattle

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FFA - Operation Osprey

By: Hannah Patterson, FFA New Horizons Magazine
December, 2015

Following in her father’s footsteps, Hanna Toft, second generation Cape May Tech natural sciences teacher and FFA advisor, rallied her FFA members to protect a local treasure – the osprey.

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FFA - Udderly Genius

By: Jessica Mozo
July, 2015

Katie Osborne of Millerstown, Pa., may only be 20, but she’s already making an impact on the dairy industry. Now a student at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., the Greenwood High School FFA member grew up on a small dairy farm where she helped her mom, Irene, manage their herd of cattle while her dad, Jim, worked as a large animal veterinarian.

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