Take Action Against Disease

By: Jennifer Ryan
December, 2018

When confronting disease, the first step for many producers is evaluating vaccination and treatment options. Increasingly, forward-thinking operations are rethinking every step of management from cattle handling to targeted treatments.

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Prevention for Profits

By: Jennifer Ryan
June, 2018
Prevention, management, treatment work together for optimal animal health

This issue highlights two ways cattle producers are keeping their herds healthy and productive. One is a tried-and-true method used for years and another is new technology that’s still evolving. This is just one example of how the tools of our industry are changing – yet there is no substitute for the basics.

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Spring Health

By: Jennifer Ryan
March, 2018

Prevention, management, treatment work together for optimal animal health

As I write this, the dreaded cold and flu season is sweeping the nation right now. Yet, livestock producers are tasked with keeping animals healthy and productive 365 days a year.  

Almost every discussion with experts in the field includes three components to health: prevention of disease; good management; and effective treatment options. Each component needs the other for optimal productivity – regardless of the livestock species, age or stage.

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Keeping up with change is challenging for customers, producers, DSRs

By: Jennifer Ryan
October, 2017

In this issue, our feature articles address what happens when producers wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

In “Keeping It Clean” (page 16), we’ve taken the saying literally. In confinement operations it’s a requirement to clean up and get rid of dust and debris before the next shipment of animals arrive. It’s one of the fundamental principles to biosecurity protocols, which are critical to ensuring animal health and production.

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Growing with Business

By: Jennifer Ryan
July, 2017


At the end of nearly every interview with a distributor sales representative, I ask “what is the greatest change you’ve seen during your career?” The answer is always about the industry’s consolidation.

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Adding Value

By: Jennifer Ryan
March, 2017


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Responsible Food

By: Jennifer Ryan
November, 2016

 Being truly committed to producing safe, wholesome food requires an eye on the future  

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Generational Change­­­

By: Jennifer Ryan
June, 2016

Farmers and livestock producers are growing older – but­­­ not necessarily retiring

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Pounds = Gain + Partnership

By: Jennifer Ryan
May, 2016

Help producers take advantage of technology for the best gain, profit

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Opportunity Through Change

By: Jennifer Ryan
December, 2015

New regulations are almost never met with open arms in the agricultural industry. Yet, some of the changes the industry is experiencing today offer opportunities for veterinarians to promote their expertise and build lasting relationships with new clients.

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