Most Likely to Need Treatment

By: Jennifer Ryan
December, 2018
Selective dry cow therapy requires producers identify cows needing antibiotic therapy

For years, dairy producers have routinely treated every cow with antibiotics at dry off. The risk of contracting mastitis, an economically important disease, at this stage made blanket dry cow therapy (BDCT) commonplace.

Blanket treatment at dry-off has been an industry standard since the 1960s. Its adoption is credited with improving milk quality, notes Mauricio Rosales, dairy educator, PennState Extension.

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Practicing Patience

By: Jennifer Ryan
December, 2015

For producers, it can be downright painful to look into the sick pen and see an animal hurting. It’s a financial hit and maybe even an emotional hardship. One of the few proactive measures available is giving an antibiotic treatment. Then, maybe another treatment the next day if the animal is still not responding.

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