News - Livestock Summer 2017

By: Vet-Advantage
July, 2017

Dechra® enters licensing agreement with Animal Ethics

Dechra® Pharmaceuticals PLC’s Board of Directors announced it has entered a long term Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement with Animal Ethics Pty Ltd, an Australia based company focused on developing ethical pain relief products in animal health. The agreement gives Dechra the rights to sell and market Animal Ethics’ product Tri-Solfen® (Tri-Solfen) for all animal species in all international markets, excluding Australia and New Zealand.

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Shoulder to Shoulder

By: Jim Whitt
July, 2017

In times of crisis, we get a glimpse of the human spirit as it was meant to be

We’ve all seen the devastation of the fires that have swept across the Great Plains recently destroying lives and livelihoods. In its wake, however, we have seen an even more powerful force. People have come to the aid of ranchers and farmers donating money, food, feed for livestock and materials to rebuild fences and structures. Many have taken time from their own work and traveled many miles to assist in the rebuilding.

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Take Off!

By: Mark Moore
July, 2017

These high-flying Indiana high schools bring cutting-edge precision technologies to the classroom

Farming isn’t what it used to be, and neither is agricultural education. Pop your head into an Integrated Technology in Agriculture Systems course, for example, and you’ll hear teachers and students engaged in conversations about field and fertility maps, photosynthesis rates from their drone scouting or ways to program a precision planter for optimal planting rates. Students get hands-on experience with the latest in precision farming technologies – lessons that help guide their future and allow them to contribute on their farms.

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Dechra Enters the Production Animal Health Market

By: Vet-Advantage
July, 2017

In the following interview, Mike Eldred, President North American Operations, Dechra, discusses the company’s entrance into the production animal health market, and plans for the future.

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Expanding Sales Reach

By: Jennifer Ryan
July, 2017

Trust, cooperation between manufacturer reps and DSRs can help expand sales reach across large territories

Extending sales reach to smaller customers is one of the reasons Stacey Roth with Bayer Animal Health relies on a strong partnership with her counterpart at MWI. Roth, a food-animal sales representative, spent the last two years covering Nebraska and South Dakota. While the territory was large, the operations were too. Today, Roth covers Missouri, and the makeup of veterinary clients and livestock producers can include small cow/calf operations and dairies.

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Keeping Up With the Customer

By: Vet-Advantage
July, 2017

Animal Health International’s Steve Cunningham discusses trends and opportunities in the livestock industry

As the livestock industry changes, producer customers are growing larger and across multiple sites. Technology is helping them keep pace – but that doesn’t change the need for tried-and true relationship building with their partners. To get some perspective, Vet-Advantage talked to Steve Cunningham, Animal Health International, Inc., President – Production Animal Division.

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Sorting Out Supplements

By: Jennifer Ryan
July, 2017

Nutrition is critical to herd health. Getting the right balance of mineral supplements can improve productivity and reduce health problems.

The right mineral program can help cattle producers improve overall health and even cut costs. Yet, getting it right is a balance. Too little supplementation risks growth and puts cattle at risk for disease. Too much supplement may waste money – or worse, even lead to toxicity.

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Cattle Industry Convention Sets Record Attendance in Nashville

By: Vet-Advantage
July, 2017

The 2017 Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Trade Show was held in February. More than 9,300 people attended this year’s convention – shattering the previous record of 8,200 – to engage in grassroots policy process, hear from industry experts and attend the expansive tradeshow. In addition, more than 350 exhibitors featured their wares and services on more than seven acres at the NCBA Trade Show.

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Hobby Farming

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
July, 2017

The growth of hobby farming presents a unique opportunity for your veterinary customers

Until my neighbor hollered across the street to ask if I’d like some fresh eggs, I had no idea that he and his wife had a flock of chickens in their back yard in our midtown Omaha neighborhood. He’s not a person I’d expect to see with a chicken perched on his shoulder. My regular route takes me past a house on one of the metro’s busiest streets with a few hens inside a portable fence in the front yard. Whether it’s to eat healthier, more sustainably or locally, to know where your food is coming from, or as a hobby, 4-H or fair project, urban or backyard farming is growing in popularity and presenting growth opportunities for veterinarians in all types of markets.

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Productive Producer Meetings

By: Patrick T. Malone
July, 2017

Why adjusting the opening of your producer meetings can greatly enhance your success

Over the last two decades, the number of producer meetings I have attended are too numerous to count. Unfortunately, most have been a waste of time and a waste of a company’s money unless the sole objective was to create goodwill.

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