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June, 2016

AgriLabs to expand autogenous vaccines for beef and dairy cattle

AgriLabs announced it is building on its partnership with Addison Biological Laboratory by rolling out two new autogenous products – Moraxella bovoculi and Streptococcus uberis mastitis vaccines – made with ENABL®, a new adjuvant from VaxLiant® that is U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-approved for safety. These products not only expand AgriLabs’ autogenous portfolio but also meet the growing demand for customized vaccine solutions, offering producers more options for maintaining herd health. “This product expansion further strengthens a partnership with Addison Labs that has been a significant asset to the growth of I-Site XP, a broad protection vaccine against pinkeye,” said Brian Reardon, Business Unit Manager for AgriLabs. “By extending this partnership with Addison Labs, we are ensuring producers have more access to herd-specific vaccines as herd conditions change.”


Innovacyn introduces Vetericyn® Plus

Innovacyn announced a new and improved formulation in their animal line of healthcare products – Vetericyn® Plus, available for all animal species, regardless of age. Vetericyn Plus is a product line of innovative solutions indicated for wounds, cuts, lacerations, abrasions, ear ailments and eye irritations. Uniquely formulated, the technology platform offers a non-toxic and antibiotic free solution that is highly effective in dermal cleaning and debriding, allowing for optimal healing conditions. The new formulation includes a higher concentration of hypochlorous making it up to three times as concentrated as original Vetericyn without requiring any withdrawal period. For more information, please visit their website: .


QUARTERMASTER® Suspension now available

The Animal Health Division of WG Critical Care, LLC, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, announced that QUARTERMASTER® Suspension (penicillin-dihydrostreptomycin in oil), FDA approved for intramammary use to reduce the frequency of existing infection and to prevent new infections with Staphylococcus aureus in dry cows, is now available from several major veterinary suppliers, including MWI Veterinary Supply, Animal Health International, Midwest Veterinary Supply, and Henry Schein Animal Health. QUARTERMASTER® Suspension is a combination of 1,000,000 units of Procaine Penicillin G and 1 gram of Dihydrostreptomycin base, as Dihydrostreptomycin Sulfate. QUARTERMASTER® Suspension is supplied in pails containing 144 x 10 mL syringes and 144 single-use alcohol pads. QUARTERMASTER® Suspension is also supplied in cartons containing 12 x 10 mL syringes with 12 single-use alcohol pads. Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. For more information, visit the WG Critical Care Animal Health website or download the prescribing information.


Bimeda® launches LevaMed™ (levamisole hydrochloride) Soluble Pig Wormer

Bimeda announced that it is introducing LevaMed™ Soluble Pig Wormer, a broad spectrum anthelmintic for oral use in swine that is effective against a variety of nematodes. The product will be available in a 20.17 g bottle and treats 200 x 25 lb pigs in an easy-on, easy-off screw-top plastic bottle which serves as both mixing and storage bottle.

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