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By Vet-Advantage
March, 2014

Animal Health International launches new udder health solution

Animal Health International announced the launch of Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion, both innovations in udder health. Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion are offered to help maintain udder health in dairy cattle* and are available under the company’s Aspen Veterinary Resources® brand. Udder Calm™ is a unique formulation which combines Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera, lanolin and natural oils to promote comfort and udder health in dairy cattle, moisturizing and protecting skin in harsh weather conditions while soothing the udder. Udder Calm™ Spray is available in a blue-tinted spray in 16oz and 128oz bottles, and Udder Calm™ Lotion is available is available in blue or white in 10.1oz bottles. For more information, visit


Elanco announces agreement to acquire Germany-based Lohmann Animal Health

Elanco announced an agreement to acquire Lohmann SE (Lohmann Animal Health), a privately-held company headquartered in Cuxhaven, Germany. Lohmann Animal Health is a global leader in the supply of poultry vaccines, and also markets a range of feed additives. The acquisition will establish Elanco as a global poultry leader, solidify Elanco’s vaccine presence, broaden Elanco’s product offerings, and significantly augment Elanco’s vaccine manufacturing capabilities, according to a company release.


Zoetis partners with Iowa State researchers to test a vaccine to help control PEDv

Zoetis Inc. announced a research partnership with Iowa State University (ISU) to identify and test a vaccine candidate to help control porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) in the United States. “Establishing this partnership further affirms our commitment to fighting this devastating virus,” said Gloria Basse, vice president, U.S. Pork Business Unit, Zoetis. “We look forward to working with the top researchers at Iowa State University to share knowledge and expertise as we make every effort, together, to help veterinarians and producers fight PEDv.” New cases of PEDv continue to mount. Since the beginning of December, more than 100 new cases have been reported each week, according to a release. PEDv now has spread to swine farms in 23 states since April 2013, with documented farm cases in the thousands. Losses from PEDv are significant and have been measured on some farms at 100% mortality for infected piglets up to 3 weeks old.


Sempermed introduces new and improved GripStrong® Nitrile Gloves

Sempermed USA announced the introduction of a new and improved GripStrong® Nitrile glove. GripStrong® Nitrile gloves have been redesigned to provide additional durability and even more protection in an array of environments. GripStrong® Nitrile by Sempermed is now manufactured with state of the art technology offering a perfect balance of comfort and peace of mind. Additionally, the glove’s surface and textured fingertips allow the glove wearer to have complete control with improved tactile sensitivity. GripStrong® Nitrile by Sempermed will continue to be supplied in sizes small through extra-large with one hundred gloves per box for all sizes. And to further eliminate any hassle within the distribution channel, GripStrong Nitrile reorder numbers will go unchanged; the product reorder numbers are GSNF102 (size small), GSNF103 (size medium), GSNF104 (size large), and GSNF105 (size x-large). Additionally, the dispenser boxes will remain color coded by size; green (size small), red (size medium), blue (size large) and gray (size x-large). Sempermed encourages an open dialogue with Territory Managers. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a Sempermed representative at (800) 366-9545 or email, . Visit  for more information

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