Investing in Your Success

By Chris Kelly
August, 2011

Welcome to the premier issue of the Livestock Edition of Vet-Advantage Magazine. We are completing our third year of serving the animal health distribution and manufacturing communities. Prior to this edition, most of our editorial focus has been on the companion animal side of the business. Listening to you, we heard your need for a new publication focused on the livestock side of the business, offering meaningful insights for distributor sales reps who focus on and touch the livestock business. We trust that this publication, along with sales tools we bring you, meet this need and help us live up to our mission of “promoting excellence in animal health sales.”

The livestock business, much like the companion side of the business, is tied to the success of its salespeople. Yes, fulfillment and logistical competencies, the right information systems and infrastructure definitely factor in, but you are closest to the customer. You represent your companies, actively find solutions to customer problems and regularly interact with them. These are the things that build relationships, and relationships ultimately deliver the business. This is why our content and sales tools are designed to help you better understand your customers’ needs, market trends and how to best position the products you sell. This understanding will lead to deeper and more long-term relationships that benefit you, your companies, your customers and the animals in their care.

The livestock edition of Vet-Advantage will be published three times in 2012 (January, May and September), along with three electronic supplements. We will also introduce a new updated version of our email newsletter, The Advantage Weekly News. This will include key stories, issues and new products in the livestock segment of the business. It will kick off at the beginning of 2012. You can sign up for it at You will also see livestock versions of SoundBytes, starting in this issue. These will enable you to increase the value of your interaction with customers around products, programs and solutions conversations. Additional tools will also be rolled out during the year. You will also continue to receive the companion animal edition on its current bi-monthly schedule.

These are exciting times at Vet-Advantage as we enter the livestock side of the business. Fortunately, we have a number of people who are truly experts in the field; including Editor Rick Purnell, Executive VP of Business Development, Kirk Augustine, contributing editors Todd Brodersen, Pat Malone and Brian Sullivan. Each will help us deliver relevant content to you. We hope this content will enhance our sense of community and raise the bar on the sales side of the business. We would also like to thank our sponsors, including signature sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., who supported the first issue of the magazine. They are investing in your success.


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