FFA - Grant Links Future Vets with Communities

By Rob Cooper, executive director, FFA Foundation
August, 2012

Pfizer Animal Health has provided the National FFA Foundation with $1.1 million to help link veterinarians in local communities with FFA members planning careers in animal health.

Last year, the New Jersey based company funded a new career development event for FFA, which is an experience that helps its members develop abilities to think critically, communicate clearly and perform effectively in a competitive job market. Including the Veterinary Science Career Development Event (CDE), funded by Pfizer, FFA now offers 24 national CDEs that build students’ job skills in everything from communications to mechanics.

“The program is already an overwhelming success as FFA members are connecting and learning real-world applications from veterinarians,” Rob Cooper,  National FFA Foundation executive director, says. “Pfizer Animal Health’s support of FFA is critical to the development of today’s youth into tomorrow’s agricultural industry leaders.”

The company is also a large contributor to the National FFA Foundation Leadership Fund, which provides unrestricted funds to sustain and enhance existing programs. It further supports FFA by partnering with local veterinarians and animal health retailers to donate a portion of purchases of selected cattle and equine products to local FFA chapters. Last year, more than $1 million was generated to help FFA members attend educational and leadership seminars. Pfizer Animal Health also sponsors teacher workshops at the annual National FFA Convention & Expo.

“The animal health industry and the nation’s farmers and ranchers rely on a vibrant network of veterinary medical partners, so encouraging FFA members to explore the many career opportunities available to them in this sector is a great way to develop the young people who will care for our animals and guide the veterinary science industry in the future,” Rob Kelly, U.S. cattle and equine group vice president.

The National FFA Organization provides leadership, personal growth and career success training through agricultural education to 540,379 student members in grades seven through 12 who belong to one of 7,489 local FFA chapters throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Many to pick from

The list of FFA Career Development Events (CDE) includes 24 areas that cover job skill related to each. Some events allow members to compete individuals, others as teams. CDE categories include:

• Agricultural Communications

• Agriculture Issues

• Agriculture Mechanics

• Agriculture Sales

• Agronomy

• Creed Speaking

• Dairy Cattle Evaluation

• Dairy Foods

• Dairy Handlers

• Environmental and Natural Resources

• Extemporaneous Public Speaking

• Farm Business Management

• Floriculture

• Food and Science Technology

• Forestry

• Horse Evaluation

• Job Interview

• Livestock Evaluation

• Marketing Plan

• Meats Evaluation and Technology

• Nursery and Landscape

• Parliamentary Procedure

• Poultry Evaluation

• Prepared Public Speaking


Topics: Other


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