News - Livestock Spring 2018

By: Vet-Advantage
March, 2018

Huvepharma® acquires AgriLabs®
Huvepharma® announced its acquisition of AgriLabs® “in a move that will expand the U.S. presence of the global animal health and nutrition company and speed commercialization of their biologic solutions for animal health,” according to a release. The acquisition includes AgriLabs product lines including Colostrx® CS and Colostrx® CR; I-Site® XP, MpB Guard® and Pulmo-Guard® PH-M vaccines; the VetGun insecticide delivery system; and AgriLabs’ custom vaccines business. In addition, the acquisition also includes Antelope Valley Bios, a contract manufacturing business, and the VaxLiant® portfolio of novel adjuvants based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both companies will continue operations under their current identities as integration opportunities are identified in 2018.

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World Dairy Expo

By: Vet-Advantage
March, 2018

By the Numbers: World Dairy Expo

  • 2017 Total Attendance: 68,710
  • Registered International Guests: 2,752 from 97 countries
  • Participating Companies: 884 from 28 countries, 7 Canadian provinces and 42 U.S. states
  • Total Number of Dairy Cattle Housed on Grounds: 2,356
  • Total Number of Dairy Cattle Exhibitors: 1,772 from 40 U.S. states and 7 Canadian provinces

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Alternative Energy Powers Tennessee Agricultural Education

By: Nicole Ward and Julie Woodard
March, 2018

With her blue-tinted hair pulled into a loose topknot and proudly wearing a school-mascot sweatshirt, FFA member Gabby Kendrick could be any teenager in any high school in any town in America.

Well, not quite.

That’s because, at this moment, Kendrick has traded LOLs and emojis for words like hydrogen, nuclear energy, biodiesel and greenhouse gas emissions. She sounds more like a master’s student than a teenager, but that’s to be expected. As one of 38 FFA members enrolled in the award-winning Whites Creek Alternative Energy Academy in Nashville, Tenn., Kendrick is not alone in her passion for energy conversion.

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The Perfect Place

By: Jim Whitt
March, 2018

Why we should seek value in our struggles

There’s a story of a man who wished for a world where people wouldn’t have to struggle. It was unfair, he believed, that for all the progress humanity had made throughout history that so much of the world’s population still struggled just to survive.

Ready for an Immune Response

By: Jennifer Ryan
March, 2018

Dairy calf health – and future profitability – is linked to early illness

The first three weeks of life is a vulnerable period for a dairy calf. It’s also a critical time to prevent one of the most common illnesses: scours.

 More than 21 percent of all dairy calves have some sort of digestive challenge, including diarrhea, in the first two to three weeks of life, resulting in more than 56 percent of pre-weaned heifers contributing to more than 3.6 percent of all pre-weaning deaths in the United States, notes David Mathes, director of sales and marketing at DBC Ag Products.1  

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Equine Extra: Rabies Realities

By: Jennifer Ryan
March, 2018

Stressing the importance of the rabies vaccine as one of the core equine vaccines

When it comes to rabies cases, diligence on the front end is crucial, according to Bonnie Rush, DVM, MS, DACVIM, Interim Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. “In the beginning, it didn’t say rabies on the side of the horse when it walked in, right?”

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Equine Extra: Diagnosing and Treating Colic in the Field

By: Jennifer Ryan
March, 2018

A veterinarian’s first look at a case of colic often occurs outside the clinic

Colic in horses is a broad term encompassing any sort of abdominal pain. A horse owner is usually the first to notice the signs of distress. Then, a veterinarian commonly evaluates the animal in the field.

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Aiming at Swine Influenza Virus

By: Jennifer Ryan
March, 2018

The disease is taking a toll on hog producers as new strains make it difficult to control

In the last decade, influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) has become an increasingly difficult disease challenge for hog producers to control. In part, this is due to shifting strains that make IAV-S – like it’s human influenza counterpart – difficult to vaccinate against.

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Bovine Industry Professionals Gather for Record-Setting 50th AABP Annual Conference

By: Vet-Advantage
March, 2018

The 50th AABP Annual Conference in Omaha, Neb., offered veterinarians and others world-class continuing education in bovine medicine.

The animal health industry, like several other health-related industries, is continuously growing and expanding research-based and technical knowledge on the best practices and methods to use to improve the well-being of animals.

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A Critical Season

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
March, 2018

A successful calving season with healthy cows and their offspring sets the stage for a profitable year for cattle producers

For cattle producers, the issues they face during spring calving season – and how they react to them – affect their success for the rest of the year. A survey conducted last fall by Colorado State University and BEEF magazine asked producers what they considered to be the industry’s top five challenges. 

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