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Grow Sales with Video Marketing

By Vet-Advantage
April, 2015

As Steve Jobs said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Videos are a great way to show purchasing decision makers and influencers what they want – your product or service.

But how do companies get that video in front of their niche audience and make them watch it? That all comes down to you, the distributor sales rep, and the art of video marketing.

First: Know the Buyer’s Path

The art of video marketing aligns closely with the Buyer’s Journey. Many of you in marketing and sales have heard of this metaphorical journey, based on A LOT of research. If you haven’t, Google it!  The metaphor suggests that buyers follow a certain purchasing process based on a number of phases. Most examples break down the journey into 3 to 7 steps.  

1: Awareness

First, purchasers realize they have a problem…

2: Research

…so they seek possible solutions.

3: Investigate

When they find a particular solution that sounds good to them, they investigate it deeper.

4: Compare

Then they compare it to other solutions.

5: Preference

Eventually they seek a balance in the cost of the solution versus its value.

6: Demonstration

If the ROI meets their criteria, they may seek further information or even demonstration.

7: Purchase

It’s important to note that the Buyer’s Journey does not necessarily end with purchase. Buyers are really on a cyclical journey. You want to continue to feed your buyer with information even after purchase, so when they become aware of a new problem, they look to you for ano

ther solution.

Second: Put Content on the Path

The key to successful video marketing is to put the video where potential buyers will find it along their information seeking path. Distributor sales reps happen to be on that path every day. You just need to get your hands on those videos. Make sure they’re loaded on your mobile device in a way that makes it quick and easy to share with your customers.

Third: Leverage Your Position on the Path

Because you maintain an ongoing relationship with your buyers, you are in a very valuable position. For the most part, you already know where your buyer is on his or her particular journey. If you don’t, use your regularly scheduled visits to find out.

Fourth: Share Videos Relevant to Interest Level


Then, be sure to show your customers a video that aligns with where they are on their journey. For example, if your customer wants to know the science behind a certain diet formula, search for a video demonstrating that as opposed to one focused more on how distribution of the product helps reduce inventory. That kind of information would be better to present when your buyer wants to know ROI.

We all know time is limited for providing product information. That’s why videos make such a great format for providing it, especially when used to help shepherd customers along the path to purchase.

Be sure to check the Vet-Advantage DSR Resource Library for SoundByte videos that may be customer facing and share them with your cusotmers.

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