High-Tech Solutions

By: Jennifer Ryan
July, 2015

Technology has never been easier, more affordable or more convenient for equine veterinarians to use in making diagnoses

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Equine Dentistry Specialty Approved

By: Vet-Advantage
September, 2014

For years, some veterinary practitioners have maintained that equine veterinary dentistry is a distinct discipline of veterinary practice, and should be acknowledged as such. This spring, the American Veterinary Medical Association Executive Board agreed, and approved a recommendation from the American Board of Veterinary Specialties to award provisional ABVS-AVMA recognition to the American Veterinary Dental College Equine Specialty.

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Why an Equine Dental Specialty?

By: Vet-Advantage
September, 2014

Five reasons why an equine dental specialty will improve and promote equine welfare, according to the equine specialty organizing committee of the American Veterinary Dental College:

  1. Will improve the quality of equine dentistry and oral healthcare by making specialist knowledge and skills in equine dentistry available for the benefit of animals.
  2.  Will improve the quality of equine dentistry in practice through encouragement of contact between general practitioners and registered veterinary equine dental specialists.
  3.  Will improve the quality of service provided to the public, including the protection of the public against inadequately qualified “experts.”
  4.  Will improve the structure of dentistry and oral healthcare services provided for equids, thereby improving its perception amongst owners, veterinarians and other members of the public.
  5.  Will lead to further development and research in equid veterinary dentistry and oral surgery practice, the base of knowledge in equine dental practice, and provision of training for future equine dental specialists.
Source: “Petition to the American Board of Veterinary Specialties for Provisional Recognition of a Recognized Veterinary Specialty in Equine Dentistry Under the American Veterinary Dental College,” Nov. 1, 2013, 

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