News - Equine Winter 2017

By: Vet-Advantage
October, 2017

AAEP Foundation’s Equine Disaster Relief Fund to aid in Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts
The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation’s Equine Disaster Relief Fund is accepting aid to help horses in Texas, Louisiana and other states affected by Hurricane Harvey, according to a release. Fund donations will be distributed among credible programs and organizations that are helping with recovery and rebuilding efforts in the aftermath and towards preparedness efforts for future disasters.

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Ever-Vigilant Against EHV

By: Graham Garrison
October, 2017
Proper biosecurity, vaccination plans and communication will help lower the risk of equine herpes outbreaks

The news was alarming – and unfortunately – frequent. In the early 2000s, and even as late as 2011, news would break following a major horse show, at a race track or other equine industry event, where hundreds of horses gathered, that some of the horses participating were diagnosed with equine herpes virus 1 (EHV-1).

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A Different Look at Equine Antimicrobials

By: Jennifer Ryan
October, 2017

Using the right antimicrobial for the job is the rational choice, and Erin Groover, DVM, DACVIM-LA, wants equine veterinarians to ask themselves two basic questions before making a prescription

  1. Is this the right antibiotic to treat the infection I’m seeing?
  2. Is the animal going to tolerate the antibiotic choice?

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