The Road to Wellness

By: Graham Garrison
November, 2018
Wellness plans are a hit with pet owners. So why are some veterinary clinics reluctant to offer them?

The interest was evident. Earlier this decade when Brakke Senior Consultant John Volk helped facilitate focus groups of pet owners for what would become the Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study, he would witness the same dynamic if one of those pet owners happened to be a Banfield Clinic client.

“If there was a Banfield client in the focus group, and we’d talk about veterinarians and care and so forth, the Banfield client would almost always talk about their Optimal Wellness Plan and how they can pay for their veterinary expenses in monthly installments.”

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Wellness Plans

By: Mark Thill
December, 2017
Better for the pet, the owner and the practice

A limp, a wound, a mass: Any of these is usually enough to get an owner to bring his or her dog or cat to the vet. But what about a preventive, or wellness, exam? Routine fecal test? Teeth cleaning? Urinalysis? Maybe not.

Some owners fail to grasp the importance of preventive, or wellness, care. But others no doubt avoid such care because of the cost.

“I think there are quite a few pet owners who would be more willing to bring their pets in [for preventive care] if the cost was spread out over 12 months,” says Karen Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM, CVA, PantheraT Veterinary Management Consulting.

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All is well

By: Laura Thill
February, 2016

Keeping their clients on track with pet wellness visits isn’t always easy for veterinarians. Wellness plans can help.

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Wellness on the go

By: Mark Thill
February, 2016

Twenty years ago, Will Santana and Ken Pecoraro founded VIP Petcare, primarily to offer county-mandated rabies vaccines to pets. Today, through a network of more than 2,200 community clinics in 28 states, the company strives to make a broad range of preventative veterinary services accessible and affordable to all pet owners.

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Staying power

By: Laura Thill
February, 2016

Pets with wellness plans more likely to stick with their veterinary care provider

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spreading the wellness message

By: Mark Thill
February, 2016

Wellness is a key concept in healthcare today, whether you’re talking about medical care, dental care or veterinary care.

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