Right at Home

By: Graham Garrison
December, 2018
A new role and territory has brought one Patterson rep back to some familiar faces

When Kelly Wyatt walks into a veterinary hospital, she is determined to treat everyone with the same respect, from the front office personnel, to the veterinarians, and to the staff working in the back. “Everybody in the clinic is critical in making the place tick, and I have a responsibility to help every one of them succeed,” she says.

It’s wisdom that has served her well in her career, and in her relatively new role as a Territory Manager for Patterson Veterinary. Wyatt was named the Rookie of the Year for the organization’s Central Region.

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Helping the Helpers

By: Graham Garrison
November, 2018
A care package program brings Henry Schein reps together with veterinarians and volunteers raising future service dogs

Casey VI has a bright future ahead. A Golden Retriever puppy, Casey VI is being raised by a local volunteer to eventually serve as a highly trained assistance dog for a child or adult with disabilities. A service dog can pull their partner in a manual wheelchair, push buttons for elevators or automatic doors, and even assist with personal transactions.

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Rep Spotlight: Tight-knit Community

By: Graham Garrison
June, 2018

Wesley Waniya and the team at Hawaii Mega-Cor have built long-standing, multi-generational relationships with veterinary practices

For Wesley H. Waniya and the distribution team at Hawaii Mega-Cor., Inc., servicing veterinary practice customers is a little different than what it would be for reps in the lower 48 states. “With regards to delivering to our customers, we’re fortunate in that the island that we sit on, Oahu, the main island, probably has about 75 percent of the state’s clinics,” says Waniya. “We do service the other three major islands. For the most part, we will UPS products over to them, but we have vans that deliver here on Oahu as well. In the worst-case scenario, we’re able to get same-day.”

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Rep Spotlight: Keys Strong

By: Vet-Advantage
April, 2018

One MWI territory manager witnessed the resilience and true heart of his community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Hurricanes weren’t something new for Brandon Marino, Equine Territory Manager, MWI. Having grown up in South Florida and the Florida Keys, he and his family took the warnings seriously. He also knew the type of damage these storms could cause. So, when forecasts started coming in that Hurricane Irma would hit the Florida Keys, he prepared for the worst. The storm and its aftermath would turn out to be a very personal experience for Marino, as it impacted family, friends and customers.

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Win Each Day

By: Vet-Advantage
February, 2018
How one award-winning Henry Schein territory manager manages his time

There is a certain simplicity to what a successful day looks like for Charles Ruff, a Henry Schein Territory Sales Manager based in Charlotte, N.C.

“If I can get something positive accomplished each day by helping a clinic or helping a pet, then the day has been positive,” he says. “When that’s your focus, the sales and other opportunities usually follow.”

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Up for a Challenge

By: Vet-Advantage
August, 2017
Laura Waldock is a born competitor, horse-lover, and salesperson

You never know who you’ll bump – or crash – into.

So it was with 15-year-old Laura Waldock who, while rollerblading, crashed – literally – into a horse farm not more than a mile from her home in Sylvania, Ohio, just west of Toledo.

“I was legitimately horse crazy,” says Waldock, a territory manager for Henry Schein Animal Health, covering central and eastern Kentucky. “It is safe to say my desire for being around horses was pent up my entire adolescence.”

So, after the collision, Waldock skated home, got out the phone book and called up the person at the farm. “I asked her if she had any horses for sale, and she said, ‘Why don’t you come over here and we can chat?’ She took one look at me and could see I didn’t know what I was doing, so she asked me if I wanted to take a lesson.” That person – Margie Mason – turned out to be Waldock’s “fairy horse mother.”

“She took me under her wing when I crashed into her farm at 15, and she really helped facilitate my horse craziness.”

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Rep Spotlight: Time-tested

By: Vet-Advantage
February, 2017

Barb Blair sticks to the basics for successful sales 

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Mike Hughes: A link to the market

By: Vet-Advantage
December, 2016

Animal health veteran retires after 20 years with MARKETLink

It was a bold idea. But 20 years ago, the board of the American Animal Hospital Association sensed that boldness was called for.

Seeing the rise of corporate veterinary practices, they worried that solo or independent practices would be at a disadvantage when it came to non-labor expenses, particularly expenses for veterinary products and equipment. So, in 1996, AAHA decided to create a buying group for its members.

The concept of the buying group wasn’t new to the veterinary profession. In 1982, for example, 73 practices had joined together to form PVP, a corporation designed to leverage their volume for better pricing. Ultimately, PVP grew into a national distributor with more than 2,000 shareholders and a customer base of 5,000 veterinary practices.

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Rep Spotlight: An Awesome Ride

By: Laura Thill
August, 2016
After 30 years, value still counts

Growing up in Upstate New York, MWI Animal Health sales consultant Mike Darling enjoyed nothing more than working on his grandfather’s dairy farm. The opportunity to work closely with the farm’s large-animal veterinarian sparked his interest in animal healthcare, as well as the products and equipment involved. “I had found my dream job,” he says, and pursued an animal and dairy science degree in college, with the intention of going to veterinary school. Vet school turned out to be a financial burden for his parents, however. “They already had four other children in college,” he says.

That was but a bump in the road for Darling, who was determined to find his niche in animal healthcare. In 1987, he joined Butler Animal Health (currently Henry Schein) as a delivery driver and warehouse worker. Although veterinary school never happened, his transition to the business side of the industry soon evolved into a rewarding 30-year career in sales.


From warehouse to ride-alongs

Within months of joining Butler, Darling eased into a sales role. With the help of a couple of mentors at the company – Jerry Linkhorn and John Dixon – he was promoted to sales trainee. “For about a year, I would ride with different sales reps, work the phones as an inside sales rep (ISR) and do a bit of purchasing,” he recalls. “I learned how the business worked and what it took to become a sales rep. I worked the phones whenever I could and was trained by one of the best inside sales reps, Betty Sue.

“When Butler began expanding into the Midwest, I was offered a territory in southern Illinois,” he continues. “I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. Better yet, my future wife, Betty Sue, was going to come with me!” Butler promptly promoted Betty Sue to lead ISR of its St. Louis. Mo. branch, and the soon-to-be-married couple worked there for the next three years. When a territory opened in Buffalo, N.Y., however, they jumped at the opportunity to “go home.”

In early 2001, Darling transitioned one more time – to MWI Animal Health. “I was MWI’s first rep in the Northeast,” he says. “It was like starting over again.” Indeed, his customers were not familiar with MWI. “But they did know me, and that’s all that mattered. It has been an awesome ride ever since, and I can’t thank recently retired Vice President of Sales, Jeff Danielson and MWI President Jim Cleary, enough for the opportunity, nor Mike Lankow for his ongoing support.”


A 30-year evolution

His 30 years in animal health distribution have flown by, says Darling. But, the industry as we know it today bares little resemblance to the one he joined three decades ago, he says. “Things have changed so much,” he says. “Technology is the thing that really stands out. I remember walking into clinics years ago with huge detail books and a case of catalogs. Today, we bring our computer and an iPad.” That said, he continues to use an order pad as well, he admits. “Not many new reps use them, but I like writing orders. It gives me the feeling of having accomplished something in the clinic.”

Some changes in the industry have had a positive impact on sales reps like Darling. “When I started out, we dealt with the veterinarians. They would do most of the ordering. Today this role essentially has been delegated to the office manager or the lead veterinary technician.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, he adds. As veterinarians have been freed up to focus on their patients, clinics have had a greater opportunity to grow.

“I still try to see the veterinarian/owner when I stop in, even if it’s only to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you,’” he continues. “But, because I get a lot more face time with the office manager and lead tech, I have more opportunity to introduce and explain programs.” This is a plus, considering how hard today’s sales reps must work to provide the best solutions while maintaining a healthy margin, he says. Indeed, sales reps are not merely order takers anymore – something their manufacturer rep partners have come to appreciate, he says.

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A World of Love

By: Laura Thill
June, 2016

Kimberly Worstell has found a way to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners worldwide.                                            

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