The Busy Season

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
April, 2018
Help veterinary practices drive home the importance of preventive
care to their clients

If you’ve been in the animal health field for more than a year or two, you know that spring is a busy season for veterinarians. While large animal practices are in the midst of calving and foaling, their companion animal counterparts are scheduling annual appointments for customers. Pets spending more time outdoors are exposed to more opportunities for accidents and illness, but a majority of springtime appointments are focused on prevention, with heartworm tests, vaccinations and flea and tick preventives. It’s an opportune time for you to help your clinics give their customers a broader view of “prevention” and the many benefits to the health and wellbeing of their pets beyond those yearly shots and heartworm checks.

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Six Steps Ahead of Illness

By: David Thill
August, 2016
Premier Vet Alliance’s six-point wellness plan focuses on prevention

When UK-based veterinary group Premier Vet Alliance began offering its wellness plan, Premier Pet Care Plan, to clients in 2008, it found a ready market. Its success led the group to sell the plan to the wider UK veterinary market (outside of the 14 practices it already owned), eventually expanding to Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands, “where preventive health plans were not in existence [yet],” says Craig Fraser, director of U.S. sales. Meeting success there, Premier’s leaders brought the Pet Care Plan to the United States this year, where they expect to find a receptive market.

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