Return on Investment

By Vet-Advantage
December, 2018
The right equipment will lead to the right diagnoses for pets

Editor’s note: The following responses are from Danielle Heberle and Linda Pappalardo, Midmark

Vet-Advantage: What are some unique, creative things you’ve seen veterinary practices do to boost dental products and services?


  • Have a dentistry case of the month in the waiting area for people to look at
  • Before and after photos of patients’ mouths
  • Client testimonials on how much better their pet feels since the procedure
  • Exam room posters on the importance of dental radiography
  • Sample packs of dental home care products
  • Client education brochures
  • Facebook entries and other social media entries
  • Open house to show off the dental suite
  • Offering to speak about dentistry at dog or cat shows, obedience schools and kennel clubs
  • Dental Check-up days

Vet-Advantage: What about pieces of equipment that are essential to dental procedures? What if the veterinary practice may not be ready to make a purchase?

Midmark: Having the appropriate equipment is an investment, but will allow the clinical staff to perform procedures more efficiently and thoroughly. With the investment comes discovering painful disease which needs to be treated. Oral disease, in most cases, can only be definitively diagnosed by taking X-rays. The treatment of the disease alone is what will provide a very short return on investment – and most importantly – the patients undergoing the procedure will feel so much better. You can’t put a price on that.

Vet-Advantage: How do distributor reps identify those needs and discuss these equipment items over the long term?

Midmark: As a distributor representative, I would encourage the clinic to participate in Midmark’s complimentary Benchmarking Survey. This survey evaluates a clinic’s fees, performance, equipment and client education and marketing materials. The result is a six-page resource that will show the clinic the untapped potential with dentistry from a patient care and practice growth perspective. The survey also makes recommendations on equipment, fees for their demographic area and best practices advice for dentistry.

Having the survey results will provide the distributor representative a great list of items needed and recommended for every part of the dentistry suite. They can have a discussion with the owner, provide valuable consultation and have a real impact on the care provided as well as revenue generated. These are important discussions to have in our increasingly competitive marketplace.

Vet-Advantage: What are a few key things that distributor reps need in order to talk to their customers about dental products and services?

Midmark: With dental products, some questions to ask may include:

  • What kind of home care regime is established in the practice?
  • Is every team member consistently recommending home care as well as recommending the same products?
  • Who educates the clients on home care? Is brushing demonstrated?
  • Is home care a part of every new puppy or kitten visit?
  • Do you offer a broad selection of home care products to fit the needs of every patient and owner?

With dental services, some questions to ask may include:

  • What prevents your clients from complying with dentistry related recommendations?
  • At what stage of dental disease are you recommending dentistry procedures?
  • Are you currently doing a full mouth exam on every patient regardless of the reason for their visit?

Getting the entire team (clinical and client care staff) on board with understanding the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease is essential in delivering consistent messaging to pet owners and will have an impact on client compliance, patient care, practice growth and teamwork in the practice.

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