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By Vet-Advantage
May, 2016

Merck launches Pet Diabetes Tracker

Merck Animal Health announced the launch of the Pet Diabetes Tracker, a free app that helps pet owners manage their pet’s diabetes on their smartphone or tablet. Diabetes is a serious condition that can be easily and effectively managed if pet owners know what to look for, and work with their veterinarian on a health plan for their dog or cat. The Pet Diabetes Tracker helps the pet owner to do routine, daily monitoring by entering important health information including blood glucose levels, food and water consumption, body condition and weight – all important factors to effectively managing a pet’s diabetes. Ensuring the pet’s veterinarian stays up-to-date with the pet’s management plan is important and with the Pet Diabetes Tracker, owners can send reports directly to the veterinarian with a touch of one button.


Virbac Corporation announces Launch of C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test

Virbac Corporation announced the launch of the C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test, the first and only test in the animal health market that detects periodontal infection in dogs, providing visual test results to support veterinarians’ dental treatment recommendations and enhance client compliance, according to a release. “We are excited to provide veterinarians with an innovative, early detection diagnostic test that quickly, accurately, and conveniently provides visual evidence of active canine periodontal disease,” said Kathleen Fleck, Dental Marketing Manager for Virbac US. “It can help stop irreversible damage by providing diagnostic insight at an early stage, allowing the veterinarian to take immediate corrective action. It also helps increase compliance when the pet owner can see test results that confirm evidence of disease, and follow through with treatment recommendations,” said Ms. Fleck.


Topperz introduces washable pet bed cover

Topperz recently introduced its Pet Bed Covers and Throws  – made from a moisture-wick material with a waterproof backing that puts a protective barrier between your pet and their bed. Topperz unique material absorbs, rather than repels, moisture but is also soft like a pet bed should be. If your pet has an overnight accident, just throw Topperz in the wash and your pet’s bed is still dry and clean. Topperz comes in many different styles and sizes, and is for more than just pet beds. Designed like a blanket, our throw style is versatile and can be used anywhere you see the need like on home furniture, a crate, or even your bed.


Zoetis receives FDA approval for flea and tick medication for dogs

Zoetis Inc., announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved SimparicaTM (sarolaner) Chewables to kill adult fleas and prevent flea infestations, as well as treat and control tick infestations due to the Lone Star tick, the Gulf Coast tick, the American dog tick, and the brown dog tick. Simparica is approved for use in dogs 6 months of age or older and weighing 2.8 pounds or more. In a single-dose, tasty chewable tablet, once-monthly Simparica offers fast and persistent protection from fleas and ticks, with peak performance that lasts for a full 35 days, without losing efficacy at the end of the month, according to a release.

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