Press Your Advantage

By Mark Thill
June, 2017

In sports, warfare or politics, the phrase “press your advantage” means to exploit a favorable situation to the max. The American Veterinary Distributors Association survey – on which we report this month – serves as Exhibit No. 1.

The survey shows that distributors enjoy a welcome spot among veterinary hospitals. In other words, they don’t have to gain or regain the top spot; they have to maintain it. And much of that responsibility – and opportunity – lies with the field rep.

Vet-Advantage - Editor's Note: Press Your Advantage by Mark Thill

When asked for the top six reasons for preferring distributors, decision-makers responded:

  • Ease of ordering (62 percent of respondents).
  • Prompt delivery (43 percent).
  • Price (24 percent).
  • No or low minimum purchase (20 percent).
  • Relationship with the salesperson (20 percent).
  • Overall relationship with and support of the company (20 percent). 

The responses show that your companies have worked hard to provide an infrastructure for success – reliable ordering systems, prompt and accurate shipment, favorable pricing and purchasing policies.

Veterinary Advantage readers can piggyback on their hard work by continuing to be a resource to customers. There’s no shortage of opportunities. After all, 55 percent of decision-makers in the survey reported meeting with distributors’ sales reps six or more times in the past year. Eighty-two percent said their distributor sales rep understands the unique goals and needs of their practice. Heck, 81 percent said they like their sales rep.

You have access. You have good will. You have a track record. Time to press your advantage.

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