Return on Investment

By: Vet-Advantage
December, 2018
The right equipment will lead to the right diagnoses for pets

Editor’s note: The following responses are from Danielle Heberle and Linda Pappalardo, Midmark

Vet-Advantage: What are some unique, creative things you’ve seen veterinary practices do to boost dental products and services?


  • Have a dentistry case of the month in the waiting area for people to look at
  • Before and after photos of patients’ mouths
  • Client testimonials on how much better their pet feels since the procedure
  • Exam room posters on the importance of dental radiography
  • Sample packs of dental home care products
  • Client education brochures
  • Facebook entries and other social media entries
  • Open house to show off the dental suite
  • Offering to speak about dentistry at dog or cat shows, obedience schools and kennel clubs
  • Dental Check-up days

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Pain Points

By: Graham Garrison
December, 2018
An opioid shortage has left veterinarians frustrated and scrambling for alternatives

Chances are, your veterinary practice customers are feeling the squeeze. Opioids that have been part of a standard of care for years are harder to come by, and judging by at least one recent survey, veterinarians are worried about the impact it is having on the way they deliver care to their patients.

In September, Wedgewood Pharmacy released results of a national survey of veterinarians on opioids. According to “The Impact of Opioid Shortages on Veterinary Medicine,” a large percentage of veterinary professionals say they have had difficulty obtaining necessary supplies of several opioids they consider important to their practice, and their patients’ health.

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No Laughing Matter

By: Dawn Singleton-Olson
December, 2018
Help your veterinary practice customers emphasize the importance of dental care to clients with the right products and educational materials

Jokes about “dog breath” have probably been around since dogs were domesticated, but let’s be honest – until toothpaste was mass-produced 150 years ago, human breath was probably no better! Oral health for people and pets has come a long way since then, but unfortunately, many pet owners still don’t understand that their dog or cat’s bad breath is no laughing matter. There are plenty of studies and statistics that show why more emphasis on dental care is so important.

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Let’s Talk Teeth

By: Graham Garrison
December, 2018
Help your veterinary practices prepare for next year’s pet dental conversations now

Periodontal disease is the most common dental condition in dogs and cats, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. “By the time your pet is 3 years old, he or she will very likely have some early evidence of periodontal disease, which will worsen as your pet grows older if effective preventive measures aren’t taken,” the association says on its website. “Early detection and treatment are critical, because advanced periodontal disease can cause severe problems and pain for your pet.”

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Equipment Guide 2018

By: Pam Foster
December, 2018
From dentistry to ultrasound: What your customers need to know 

The fourth quarter is when many veterinary practice owners seriously consider whether they should buy capital equipment before the year is over – not only to improve patient care and services but also for tax purposes. Section 179 of the IRS code provides incentives for the purchase of veterinary equipment, from X-ray and dental machines to lights and monitors. Here is a look at how equipment features and capabilities have changed over the past decade. (A special shoutout to Rick Warter, RVT, national equipment sales manager at MWI Animal Health, for his insights.)

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Paradigm Shifts and Pets

By: Graham Garrison
December, 2018

There is a paradigm shift happening with how our culture perceives pets. The New York Times recently interviewed Dr. Craig A. Clifford, a medical oncologist and director of clinical studies at Hope Veterinary Specialists in Malvern, Pennsylvania, who had an interesting take on it. “Thirty years ago, pets lived outside, and weren’t as big a part of our families as they are now. That generation of pet has been coined ‘the Snoopy generation,’” Clifford said.

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Cancer Care for Pets

By: Graham Garrison
December, 2018
A wave of technological advancements in fighting cancer – as well as a new understanding for care – has given pet owners new hope 

When it comes to cancer diagnoses for pets, the conversations between veterinarian and pet owners have changed in recent years. And that’s a good thing, says Dr. Barbara Biller, DVM, Ph.D., Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology).

“I see very few pet owners these days that say ‘My regular veterinarian said there was nothing we can do and we should just put our animal to sleep,’” says Biller, an associate professor of medical oncology at the Flint Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University. “That was a statement I heard way more often in the first 10 years of my career rather than in the past 10 years – thankfully.”

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A VMX 2019 Preview with Strategies to Discuss at Veterinary Practices

By: Pam Foster
December, 2018

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

Even if you’re not attending VMX 2019 – and even if all your customers aren’t going – it’s still worth discussing the event with practices in your area.

Held on January 19-23, 2019, VMX is the biggest veterinary conference of the year and also the first major conference for 2019, which means just about every product manufacturer is showcasing its best and latest innovations for animal health.

It’s important to be aware of what’s being rolled out at VMX 2019, so you can be proactive with your clients who are going, and even with those who aren’t.

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A Simple Reminder

By: Todd Brodersen
December, 2018
How what ties us together as an industry can help set you apart as a sales rep

There is one thing that ties almost every person employed in animal health together. It’s something so basic and innate we tend to dismiss it after we’ve been in our positions for any length of time. It almost seems unimportant, or not worth mentioning. It is one of the basic human elements that we all love for other people to notice within ourselves, and yet showing it outwardly can make us feel vulnerable. 

I am talking about compassion. The Merriam-Webster definition of compassion is: “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” 

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A Candid Sales Environment

By: Patrick T. Malone
December, 2018

A couple of years ago I read a post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network by Joseph Grenny entitled “4 Ways Leaders Can Create a Candid Culture.” I believe that the most successful distribution reps use leadership skills instead of the typical sales tactics to achieve and maintain their level of success. That led me to consider the four action steps in Grenny’s post in terms of creating a candid environment in the practices in your territory. So, let me pass my observations on again for your consideration.

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