Gravitating Toward Innovation

By Graham Garrison
February, 2019

The 2019 VMX Veterinary Meeting & Expo was a sight to behold. Thousands of animal health stakeholders – from practitioners to investors – flocked to Orlando looking for education, products, services and solutions to keep pace with the increasing popularity of pets and their health.

Me? I was looking for stories. Boy, did I find plenty.

One really exciting event I attended involved leading entrepreneurs and innovators making live pitches of their products, services and solutions to a panel of industry judges. The Pet Project and NAVC invited these stakeholders to pitch their ideas as an avenue to accelerate pet care innovation.

In one presentation, a veterinarian discussed his frustrations as a practitioner using veterinary software. His hospital workflow wasn’t as smooth as he thought it could be, and they weren’t effectively capturing charges for services. So, in 2017, he and a group of technology and veterinary experts came together and created Instinct. Their solution digitizes inpatient and outpatient treatment workflows to help veterinary hospitals streamline teams, improve documentation, catch missed charges, and optimize care.

In another presentation, a company called Medici pitched a solution to help veterinary hospitals integrate telehealth into their practice. Their app helps veterinarians consult on their own schedule, get paid through the app, e-refer to specialists, and more.

All of the participating companies presented some pretty compelling solutions for veterinary practices that could help increase revenue and improve clinical outcomes. These ideas could also bring veterinarians closer to what Chad Dodd, DVM, calls the client journey. He discusses this in detail in this month’s cover story.

“There are so many resources now that as a consumer, they are really starting to reframe how they get access to this information and these services,” Dodd says. “And like everything else in the consumer world today, if you can make it easy for them to get access to it, that’s what they are going to gravitate toward.”

Topics: VMX, Companion 2019 February Vol. 11 Issue 1


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