August Product Announcements - 2017

By Vet-Advantage
August, 2017

Zoetis makes SILEO available through distribution
Zoetis announced it has made Sileo® (dexmedetomidine oromucosal gel) available to its customers through distribution.

Nutramax Laboratories announces DASUQUIN® Advanced available in 140 count chew tab bottles and soft chew bags
Nutramax Laboratories announced that DASUQUIN® Advanced is now available in 140 count chew tab bottles and soft chew bags. A large segment of veterinary clients prefer the convenience of purchasing larger quantities of trusted supplements at one time, and this packaging allows veterinarians to fulfill that need. These products will be offered to veterinarians in dispensing packs containing four units that are NOT labeled for individual online retail resale to keep repeat purchases through the veterinary practice.

Kinetic Vet announces availability of EquiShield AO Shampoo   
Kinetic Vet announced the immediate availability of EquiShield AO Shampoo. EquiShield AO Shampoo is a soothing shampoo with aloe, oatmeal and EFA’s. This shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use. EquiShield AO Shampoo, available in a 32 oz and gallon bottle, is product driven by customer feedback and is part of Kinetic Vet’s commitment to deliver the latest product innovation. For more information call 877-786-9882 or visit   

Jorgensen Laboratories launches new Dog Ends product
Dog tail tip injuries have long been hard to treat. Small cuts or grazes are continually traumatized by impacts as dogs vigorously wag their tails. Conventional dressings and syringe cases weigh the tail down and increase the impact on the wound area. These wounds spray blood everywhere, often refusing to heal and tail amputation is frequently necessary. Jorgensen Laboratories’ Dog Ends ™ are a simple yet effective tube dressing that absorbs impact and allows these wounds to heal naturally. They consist of a tubular mesh dressing that is engineered to flex just enough to absorb impact without transmitting the force down to the injured area. The dressing takes the impact force rather than the tail tip so that normal healing can resume. Other features include:

  • Open mesh construction allows superb ventilation of the wound area to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Each Dog End™ weighs only 0.14 ounces (4 grams) – making them well tolerated by most dogs (although an ‘E’ collar is still recommended).
  • Easy and fast to apply and secure with supplied applicator and medical grade tape. Can be applied by veterinarians or owners.
  • Versatile – can be used over sterile primary dressings for added protection.
  • Stretch to fit tail tips for all breeds of dog.
  • Complete directions included.
  • Starter Pack includes everything needed to treat a tail tip injury – applicator, tape and 5 Dog Ends™ mesh dressings.

For more information, visit

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