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Veterinary Angels

The Vetalytix Report 4th Quarter 2018

Infection Control and 
the Veterinary Practice

Engagement and Success

One Animal at a Time

Corporate Consolidation: Good or Bad?

Matters of the Heart

Setting the Stage for What’s Next

Former Vet Tech Volunteers to Help Animals Injured in Wildfires

Gravitating Toward Innovation

Bridging the Conversations

Year in Review: Retail

Year in Review: Distributors and Manufacturers

Year in Review: Animal Health

Why Innovation is Elusive to Most Companies

What Works Best

The Vetalytix Report

The Comprehensive Oral Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment Visit

Start with Something Relatable

Road Tales: December 2018

Right at Home

Return on Investment

Pain Points

No Laughing Matter

Let’s Talk Teeth

Equipment Guide 2018

Paradigm Shifts and Pets

Cancer Care for Pets

A VMX 2019 Preview with Strategies to Discuss at Veterinary Practices

A Simple Reminder

A Candid Sales Environment

2018 Headlines and Forecasts

Discounts? No!

Senior Wellness – It’s All in the Delivery

Show Your Support

Cat Friendly

Implementing Change Requires Effective Change Agents

Start Talking with Practices About Section 179 Tax Benefits

Road Tales: October 2018

Helping the Helpers

Allocate Resources Wisely

Flu Awareness

A Common Thread

Triple Crown


Making Connections Count

The Road to Wellness

Vector-borne diseases: A crossover event

August News - 2018

Diversity and Inclusion Explored in Animal Health WILMAH Panel at AVDA

The Culture Crafter

Road Tales: August 2018

The Science Behind the Bond


The Vetalytix Report

On High Alert

Where Does Telehealth Fit in Veterinary Practice?

What is Effective, Modern Communication?

Bad Salespeople, or Bad Managers?

Worth the Effort

The Drive for Better Outcomes

Kim Allen Receives AVDA’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Deploying Data

New Strategies to Old Problems

June Product Announcements - 2018

June News - 2018

John Graham: Straightforward

Rep Spotlight: Tight-knit Community

The Veterinary Nurse Initiative

CAPC Releases 2018 Parasite Forecasts

People Before Problems

Zoetis to Buy Abaxis

The Vetalytix Report


Road Tales: June 2018

Fighting the Good Fight

Embrace Disruption or Be Eliminated

Change is Constant?

Five Suggestions for Helping Your Customers Succeed

Roles and Responsibilities

Vets First Corp.

It’s All About Value

What Just Happened?

A Matter of Trust

April Product Announcements - 2018

April News - 2018

Rep Spotlight: Keys Strong

Working for a Better Tomorrow

Market Forces News

Industry Insight & State of the Profession Seminar at VMX

Blurring of Channels

Be Where the Buyer Is

Piece of the Pie

Key Drivers in Dog and Cat Food Products

A Veterinary Services Eco System

Four Women Leaders in Animal Health Industry Recognized with Inaugural Feather In Her Cap Awards

Highlights and Trends from VMX

Bundle of Joy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact Veterinary Medicine Very Soon

Divide and Conquer by Working Together

Attitude, Value & Talent

The Busy Season

MWI Animal Health Stays True to Their Purpose

Taking Care of Business

Convenience = Compliance

February Product Announcements - 2018

February News - 2018

Win Each Day

Veterinary Telemedicine: Are we leading?

An Ounce of Prevention

Canine Vaccine Guidelines

Chew on This

Wellbeing in the Workplace

The Price is Not Always Right

Road Tales: February 2018

Looking Back to Move Forward

2018 Flea/Tick Pricing is a Whole New Ballgame for Veterinary Practices

The Two Biggest Opportunities to Improve Profitability

What Problem?

The Best Choice

Healthier Futures

Protect the Practice Pharmacy

The Human-Animal Bond

December Product Announcements - 2017

December News - 2017

Key Ingredients

Stepping Up

Texas A&M: Rising to the Challenge

Wellness Plans

Dentistry Training Pays Off

AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

Open Wide

Year in Review

A Model Partnership

Road Tales: December 2017

The Practice of the Future

VMX Scientific Program Strategy

Creating a Conference Plan

Power Shift

Committed, but No Outcomes?

One Customer at a Time

A Strong Presence

Front Row Seat to Another Fast Moving Year

October Product Announcements - 2017

October News - 2017

Road Tales: October 2017

Dechra Veterinary Products National Sales Meeting Award Winners

Hurricane Harvey: Help after Harvey

Senior Wellness

Investing in Themselves

In the Zone

Helping One Another

Let’s Talk about Our Pet’s Health

Equipment Wake-up Call

The Cost of Independence

Feline Care Ideas

Make Your Practice Customer-Friendly

Stratifying Your Customer Base

Simple Strategies to Grow Feline Revenue

Understanding the Decision Makers

Feline Focus

Customer First Focus

SoundBytes: Your Sales Conversation Starters

Positioning for Customer Success

Surgery Trends - Editor's Note

August Product Announcements - 2017

August News - 2017

WILMAH Celebrates Progress

Up for a Challenge

What’s the Gut Got to Do with It?

Parasites at a Glance

Take the M&A Train

Heartworm Incidence Moves Upward

Surgery Trends

Road Tales: August 2017

AVDA Survey Reinforces Distribution’s Value…

Advancing Veterinary Dermatology Treatments

Accidentally Off the Grid

The People You Meet

Three Ways to Improve Surgical Experiences for Clients

Creating a Common Goal for Every Call

Dental Chews

Help your customers capture more of the supplement spend

AVDA Annual Conference

MWI: Growing in Profile

What is the Future of Veterinary Surgery?

Press Your Advantage

Industry Remembers Kristin Ruff

June News - 2017

Four Feet on the Street

Moving Forward

Vote of Confidence

Millennials and Veterinary Oral Care Decisions

Merritt Veterinary Supplies Delivers Unique Value

June Product Announcements - 2017

One Step Closer

WVC Has Eye on the Future

Ready to Roam?

2017: A Hotbed for Heartworm

The Cost of Convenience

Agents of Change

Reducing No-Show Rates

Don’t Force It

The Benefits of Coaching

The 40/20 Rule

Road Tales

Building Up the Team

Help Practices Encourage 5-Star Reviews

Enhancing the Client Relationship

Good News

Tomorrow’s Veterinary Technician

Orals or Topicals: It’s the pet owner’s choice

Aggregation Transformation

Bordetella and CIV

Shifting Paradigms

Data, and How to Use it

Canine Sales Trainers

Road Tales: April 2017

Product Spotlight April 2017

News - April 2017

The Client Experience

Warming Up

Case Studies in Data-Driven Improvement


Dynamic Duo

Help Hospitals Welcome New Clients – and Drive Sales

DSRs Take Note: The NAVC Conference Becomes VMX Starting in 2018

Demonstrating Superior Value

Shifting Sands

The Conversation About Rising Costs

Product Announcements February 2017

News - February 2017

Why Attend WVC 2017?

Local Heroes

Rep Spotlight: Time-tested

Pet Wearables

CAPC Guidelines: Lyme disease

End-of-life guidelines published

Dr. Janet Donlin: New AVMA leader

Looking for Leadership?

Taking the Lead

Anxiety Solutions

Road Tales - February 2017

Time to Reopen the Door to Veterinary Product Home Delivery

Data Science Terminology

Conference Season

Planning for Growth

Change for the Better

Mentally Strong Leadership

Annual Opportunities

Respond, then Rebuild

Customer-Centric Collaboration

NEVSCO Professional Development Program

Midmark and VSSI: ‘Seamless transition’ expected

Positive Change

Vincent Bradley is no longer with Banfield as the President and CEO

Zoetis Adds Distribution Access to Additional Products

Voice of Experience

Product Announcements - December 2016

News - December 2016

The New NAVC Conference

Mike Hughes: A link to the market

CAPC Guidelines Update: Canine Heartworm

Lend Me Your Ears

Veterinary Social Work

Point of Contact

Focus on the Small Stuff

The Dental Dilemma

February is Pet Dental Month

Rescue Remedies

The Next Generation

Patterson: Focused, Growing

Road Tales

Help Your Accounts Blog

The Anatomy of a Profitable Veterinary Practice

Book Ahead

Uncertainty versus Opportunity:  Which do you choose?

Powerful Follow-up Questions

The Perception Pendulum

Putting a Bow on 2016

News Flash: Midmark Corporation Announces Acquisition of VSSI, Inc.

Catalysts for Change

October Companion Edition News

Only What They Need

October Companion Edition Product Announcements

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Parasite Testing and Prevention

Oncology Guidelines Issued

The Urgent Care Clinic

Facing Change

Acknowledging Your Customer

Three Strategies to Improve Senior Care and Hospital Revenue

Inside Sales: Turn it Up!

Hyperthyroidism Guidelines for Cats

Are Your Customers Trapped?

A New Frontier

Millennials Making Their Mark

Women’s Summit on the Mark

Veterinary Diabetes Solutions

The Senior Years

Improving Dental Compliance

Home Delivery Finds a New Home

Product Annoucements

News - August 2016

Rep Spotlight: An Awesome Ride

Six Steps Ahead of Illness

CAPC and CATalyst Align to Protect More Cats

Ahead of the Curve

Faces of Change

Home Delivery

Increase Your Sales: Train at Being Mindful

Road Tales

Online Advertising

Data-Driven Practice Growth

Inside Out or Outside In

Meeting the Point of Resistance

Connecting With Customers Over the Phone

Points Toward Potential

Starting the Veterinary Capital Equipment Conversation

AVDA: 1976 to today

Future Trends in Animal Health

Merritt on Fast Track

The World of Animal Health

Driving it Home

A Way of Life

Product Announcments

June News

Cultivating Good Relationships

The ‘Culture’ Component

Manager or Leader?

A World of Love

WVC Attracts Record Crowd

2016: The Year of the Menace

A Canine Influenza Virus Discussion to Have with Veterinarians Now

UGA Veterinary Students Prepare for Competitive Career Paths

Educating Tomorrow’s Veterinarian

A Look Inside

Three Million Pets Can’t be Wrong

Daniel Aja Sees the Big Picture

Removing Negative Online Reviews

The Key to Profitability

Getting Past the Dragon

Creating a Habit

Help Veterinary Clinics Prepare for These Summer Pet Threats

The Art of Differentiation

Helping Your Customers Stand Out

Travel Companions

Will Technology Replace Salespeople?

Clinics that Work

Plan of Action

MWI and AmerisourceBergen: One Year Later

NAVC Conference

Animalytix Hosts Senior Executive Forum at WVC

Repair the Barrier – Not Rinse and Repeat

Rep Spotlight - Forward


Product Announcements

Learning New Moves

Stress Points

High Value Financial Information for Your Customers

Examining the Future Role of the OSR

Turn a Weekend in the Exhibit Hall Into Big Profits

Managing vs. Benchmarking

Connect the Docs

Managing Online Reviews

Road Tales

Pet Insurance

First Impressions and Next Steps

Ten Steps Toward Making a Favorable First Impression

here to stay

The Right Skills

Hot-Button Topics

News from february 2016

All is well

A Foundation for successful marketing in 2016

Product Announcements from February 2016

Healthy skin, healthy pets, happy clients

Wellness on the go

Staying power

A Customer Perspective

Favorable First Impressions

Road Tales from February 2016

Improving Profitability

the importance of follow-up care

spreading the wellness message

man of his word

The Millennial Technician

Dental Chews

Product Spotlight

Crossing the Generation Gap

VHMA Annual Meeting & Conference

Head Start

Transitions and Changes

Skin Health

The Pet Owner Disconnect

Show Them the Money

Good for You, Good for the Customer

Enabling Better Client Retention

Millennials’ Voices

Surrounded by Sales

Road Tales

A Checklist to Simplify Marketing in 2016

Triangulating Negative Responses

A Bright Future Ahead


As Tick-Borne Disease Risks Increase, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., Educates Dog Owners on Preventing Lyme

Mental Notes

Meet the Millennials

The Value of Oral Care

Susan Weinstein, long-tenured Henry Schein Animal Health territory manager, passes away

The Millennial Hospital Manager

Elements of Success

Marketing Resources

Communicating in a Zero-Attention-Span Age

Product Announcements

The Insulin Question

Veterinary Marketing Tools - Five Free or Low-Cost Marketing Resources


Wearables: Gathering data both little and big

Distribution Reps as Problem Solvers

Extraordinary Productivity

Prepared for Disruptions

Meeting the Competition

Supply & Demand

Leading by Example

Industry Responds to FTC Report

Rules of the Road

Competition for Pet Medications: Questions Linger

Merck Animal Health’s VetPen® offers a convenient way to deliver insulin injections to diabetic pets

Mobile Clinics

Cutting Edge Low-Dose Vaccines Improve Dog and Cat Visits to Veterinary Clinics

Cancer: Everyday Concern

Words of Wisdom - A Full Perspective

Growth through Client Retention

Rep Spotlight - A Job Well Done

Established Brands Roundtable

Help Your Customers Thrive

Panning for Gold in Established Brands

Merritt Veterinary Supplies National Sales Meeting

Did IDEXX Make a Mistake?

Blogging with an Annual Editorial Calendar

Patterson Veterinary National Sales Meeting

Successful Sales Leaders are Exceptional Followers

Don’t Be the One Who Waits for the Safe Space

Rep Spotlight - Mary Inc.

Dentistry for Boarders

Corporate Medicine


High Anxiety

Rabies Vaccination

Help Veterinary Hospitals Promote Responsible Dog Ownership

Animal Hospital Inc.

Road Tales

An App for That


Help Clinics Identify “Secret Cats”

Improving Dental Compliance

Stressed Out

Teaching Moments

Stronger Bonds

George Dunaians: A Man of Integrity

Turning the Tables on Mistakes

HABRI Puts the Science Behind the Human-Animal Bond

Henry Schein Animal Health National Sales Meeting

Overcoming Mental Fixedness

The Benefits in Addressing Behavior

Road Tales

Mobile Clinics - Today’s competitive practice

Insurers and Mobile Clinics


The Fear-Free InitiativeTM: Helping Your Customers Get More Pets Into Their Clinics

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease

A Broader Look at Pain Management

Confidence – The Ultimate Emotion

Enhance sales calls with the Compendium and MSDS Databases

Boston Strong

Preventive Healthcare Plans

John Webster: Committed to His People

Product Announcements

Patterson to Acquire Animal Health International

The Importance of Pre-Call Planning

Ranking Well After Google “Mobilegeddon”

A Peek into the Future

Veterinary Marketing Tool: Local Directories

Pet Insurance - Pets Plus Us

Serving Many Masters

An Ounce of Prevention

Pet Insurance - ASPCA


Rep Spotlight- The Puppy Raiser

NSAIDs work…when used

AVMA charts new strategy

Product Announcements

If your vet were a sales trainer…

Supply and Demand

Improve Your In-Clinic Training

AVMA Reports for Sale

A Call to Action

The Role of Supplements

An Every Client Conversation

Rep Spotlight - The Puppy Raiser

Outlook Good for Veterinary Professionals

Pet Insurance - Petplan

Getting Through to Your Customers

Road Tales

Vaccination Using Oral Mucosal Vaccine Is Effective for Dogs in High-Risk Environments

NSAIDS Work...When Used

Local Directories

Sell the Benefits

Short takes: Petplan

Short takes: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Jorgensen Laboratories remembers Timothy “Tim” Bernard Butterfield 1957-2015

Warming Up

If Your Vet Were a Sales Trainer...

Are You Providing Solutions for Your Customers?

Great Expectations

Pet Insurance - Short takes: Pets Plus Us

Understanding the Practice Owner’s Perspective

AMVA Charts New Strategy

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Continues to be a Leader in the Animal Health Industry

Communication Solutions for Veterinarians - Just Two More

Ride-with Survey Exposes Value and Weakness in Ride-with Activities

Stop, Look and Listen

Ride-withs: 10 Rules of the Road

The World Through the Distributor’s Eyes

Making Mergers Work - Kevin Vasquez shares his thoughts on our rapidly changing industry as he enters into his new role as Henry Schein Animal Health’s Chairman

Lyme and Lepto

Virbac North America is Growing

Traceability Law to Take Effect

Product Announcements

We’re Listening

Meeting the Demands of 2015 and Beyond

Road Tales

Five Questions Answered: Jim Cleary Talks About the AmerisourceBergen Deal

Are You Going to be Blindsided by the Future?

The Local Search

Steering a Successful Ride

Words of Wisdom - A Finger on the Pulse

Opportunity Amidst Change

Preventive Healthcare Guidelines: From Paper to Practice

Key Provisions of the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013

Allergy Treatments for Dogs and Cats

Rep Spotlight - Living Life Above the Line

Where Are Your Customers Headed?

Skin Deep


Time is Your Most Valuable Resource

Setting the Stage for 2015 Successes

Content Marketing

Tick-Tock: Discuss Tick Management in Every Season - Sourced by Merck Animal Health

The Paper-lite Practice

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Holiday Shipping

A Lasting Legacy

Growing Pains - Pet Insurance

The Dental Opportunity

Creating an Open Sales Environment

Veterinary Pet Insurance

In Pursuit of Excellence

Aging Gracefully


Taking it Digital

Chemistry Analyzers

Cats: No longer ‘silent sufferers’

Pets Best Insurance Services

Making the Most Out of the Opportunity

Companion animals and the older person

Drowning in Debt

Pet insurance

Short takes: Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC

Short takes: Embrace Pet Insurance

Product Announcements

Short takes: Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

Embrace Pet Insurance

Rep Spotlight - Core Values

Effective Emails

Five pillars of a healthy feline environment

Digital Radiography

Road Tales

Negotiation and Anticipating the Results

The Direct Decision

Boosting Customer Value through Mastery

A Message Worth Repeating

Wake-Up Call

A Look Ahead

Does Your Veterinary Practice Pass the Powerful Email Test?

The Periodontal Perspective

Vaccinating Against Theft and Embezzlement

Who is Sempermed?

Bringing the Preventive Message to the People

Private equity firm lands NVA

Healthy Joints

Counting on Compliance? Not So Fast!

Under Review

Don’t Blame the Cat

Following Her Passion

Helping Customers Manage the Big Deals

Prevention and early detection: Rx for joint health

Periodontal disease: A common phenomenon

At a glance: Understanding ticks

An Ounce of Prevention

Rep Spotlight - Proud to be from Penn State

Selling supplements for joint health


Fairness to Pet Owners…again

Far Beyond February

Wisdom...Pass it on

Wisdom at Work

Making an Impact

The Engaged Clinic

The Grinch

Back to Basics Marketing

Pet-Side Fructosamine testing: Essential for managing diabetic patients

What’s Your Lever?

How customers can skyrocket their feline dental practice

Twelve basic steps for quality dental care

Equipping the veterinary dental practice

Dispelling Dental Myths

The Supplement Sale

Industry veterans reflect on insights they would share with their younger selves

Digital Radiography: Today’s Standard of Dental Care

Alphabet Soup

Taking Control of Flea and Tick

Tools for Success

Biological Indicators

Rep Spotlight - Lead from the Front

Time Savers


Pearls of Wisdom


New Product Spotlight

Flip the Switch Tips

Too Much of a Bad Thing

Client Attraction Tools

Patterson on the Move

Supply Chain Integrity - Hurt by Association?

Supply Chain Integrity - Online sites’ seal of approval

Supply Chain Integrity - In Control

Year-End Tax Planning

The Consumption Conundrum

Late Gestation Risks

Bordetella: Why Risk It?

Less Pain, Greater Gain


Critical Competencies

Supply Chain Integrity - FDA to online shoppers: Be AWARE

Supply Chain Integrity - Veterinarian-client-patient relationship

Vaccinating pregnant mares

Worldwide Call for Rabies Prevention

New Product Spotlight

The Price of a Veterinary Buying Group - Letter to the Editor

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A Warm Reception

Road Tales

One practice’s experience

Demand Generation - The Dot.Com Connection

Discover the Unspoken Needs

Stop, Look, Listen … Then Ask Questions

Grown Up Business

Focusing on preventive care pays off

Patterson Foundation

Vétoquinol Puts Down U.S. Roots

Preventive Healthcare Plans

No Quick Fix

Rep Spotlight - The Best of Both Worlds


Product Shows up on eBay

Demand Generation - Supply and Demand

Generic Drugs

The GPO Question

Acknowledging and Recognizing Vet Technicians

Build a Better Sales Presentation

Battling Pet Obesity

It’s time to discuss heartworm prevention on every call

B. Braun Committed to Providing Safe and Reliable Products to Protect Staff, Patients and the Environment

Project Milkbone

The Rabies Risk

Distinguished Achievement

Closing the Lab Gap

Road Tales

One Message, 12 Months a Year

Practice of the Year

New Product Spotlight

Trending Upward

The Doxycycline Shortage

Your Future Customer

AVMA Workforce Study

Serving Up Solutions

MWI National Sales Meeting

Nutrition and Pets

Creating a Five-Star Sales Team

Find the Time

Equipping today’s surgical suite

Cats Get Shortchanged

Managing Diabetes in Pets

Preventive-resistant strains of heartworm reported

Heartworm preventive resistance: A closer look

Canine Cushing’s Case Files: The ins and outs of detection and treatment

Tax Incentives Can Save Your Customers Money on Equipment Purchases

Rep Spotlight - Forty Years in a Noble Profession


Driving Sales Performance into the “Red Zone”

Sales Tales

Turning Idle into Opportunity

Taking it to the Streets

Pet Insurance - Good Coverage

Emerge Stronger

Write Right!

Gaining Momentum

Hero: Inside Sales Rep - Taking all Callers


Making the Assist

Inventory Tactics

Filling the Marketing Gaps

Road Tales

Dental Health Guidelines

Rabies: Testing and diagnosis

Equine Vets in Mixed-animal Practices


Rep Spotlight - The Closer

IVESCO attends Merial University

What's the Scoop


All Roads Lead to Prevention

Getting the Message

Rep Spotlight - Giant Opportunity

Don’t Blink with Buying Groups

A cat-friendly practice

Road Tales

Getting Social

A Preventive Peace of Mind

A Note of Thanks

Feline Health

No Mercy Against MRSA

A Teachable Moment

New Product Spotlight

Relationship Similarities

Inventory Management

The IDEXX Preventive Care Challenge

Time to Schein

Merritt Veterinary Supplies ‘Hits the Beach’ for its National Sales Meeting

Distributor’s Best Friend

Implementing preventive health guidelines

Cell Phone Etiquette

Time to Act

Barn to Barn Business


Addressing Anxiety

State of the industry? Good, and getting better.

Calling All Cats

Worth the Shot

Food for Thought

Video: Enhancing the DSR Learning Experience

Delivering on the Mission

People before Products

The Prevention Playbook- Blood Pressure Checks for Pets

New Product Spotlight

The Affordable Care Act and its Effect on the Animal Health Industry

The Prevention Playbook- Full chemistry panels as part of the prevention visit

Rep Spotlight- Takes One to Know One

Animal Health Training Solutions

Road Rules

Marketing- Compliant Conversations

The Prevention Playbook

Taking pain out of the equation

Stand-up Guy



What it means to be a distributor

The Power of Testimonials

Healthy eating

Losing control of parasite control?

The Price is Right

Putting New in its Place

The Word on Mouths

Do You Have the Formula to WIN in 2013?

Vet-Advantage Pricing Index Update

Critical Conversations

Defend the Pharmacy

Road Tales

You, the Marketing Hero

Surviving Stress in 2013

REP Spotlight - The Voice

Oral healthcare: Gaining home care compliance. Dental staff’s task is clear: Educate, communicate, evaluate, demonstrate and recommend.

The Face of the Practice

Jorgensen Laboratories Entering Third Generation of Family Ownership and Operation

New Product Spotlight

More Than Accounts

People - All Well and Good

Out of the Gate


Digitizing the Vet-Advantage Offering

Keeping Clients Front and Center

Equine - Taking the Reins

New Year’s Resolution: Increase Diet Sales

New Product Spotlight

Pet medications - Industry vows to make its voice heard on prescriptions issue

Coaching Skills

AAEP Convention

Practice Managers Rate Job Tasks, Skills

Rep Spotlight - Making Cancer Bearable

Pet medications: A solution looking for a problem, or a problem looking for a solution?

The Holiday Spirit



Let the Evidence Show

Tipping the Scales Toward Prevention

Infection Prevention - Hand Hygiene

Pet Rehab on the Rise

Health Happy: Skin and Coat

News - MWI and Merial Team up for Advanced University Training

Pet medications - Prescription bill: Distributors’ viewpoint

On Point

Book Review - Get Real

New Product Spotlight


Seeing Clearly - Sponsored by IDEXX

The Push and Pull of Veterinary Sales

Moving into 2013

Independents’ Day

Getting “There” Takes Time

Pharmacy: Position Your Customers to Win

MWI National Sales Meeting

IDEXX revises its distribution relationship with MWI

Taking it Inside

Face to Face

Ready Made

Inside Out

Winning the Pharmacy Wars

Retail Wars Require Ammunition and Planning

Before You Go

The Surge in Surgery

Part 5 - The Right Fit

Prescription for Success

Book Review – Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry

Rep Spotlight - On the road

People - Insightful


IDEXX: In-depth Advancements

Fighting words

Leadership in Crisis Management

Sponsored Content from FTG - SPIFFs

Road Tales

Tax Laws and Timing

Road Tales

Expanding Your Reach

Defeating Resistance

A Regular at the Table

Heartworm Preventives: The Follow Through

Road Tales

Wide Open

Infectious disease prevention: Part 4 - Coming Clean

Constant Rate Infusions

Mid-Year Review

Rep Spotlight: Dogs ’n Sales

From inspiration to innovation

Sain Retires - Humble Beginnings

Wellington Veterinary Clinic walks the talk

Sponsored by IDEXX: Building Your Lab Business - A Picture of Health

Growing with You

A Clear Path

Road Tales

Mind the Gap

Prevention at all costs

Cyclical Sales

Mixed Results

New Product Spotlight

Upbeat Tone to AVDA conference

No Pain is the Gain

The Credibility Culture

Board Rules

State of the industry? Getting better all the time.

Building Your Lab Business- Phenobarbital testing


The Tech Timetable

REP Spotlight: Never Far from Horses

Clear Communications

The Case for Casework

What’s on the Menu?

AAEP - Flat Economy Presents Challenges

Online retailing 2.0

Risk Tolerance

Road Tales

Products Announcements

Round One: Helping Your Customers Develop a Retail Mindset

Infectious Disease Control: Part 3- Sharp Thinking

Two Sides to Every Practice

New Product Spotlight

Activity is NOT Progress

Know Thy Competition

Three Steps to Breaking a Sales Slump

Prepare Cows’ Feet In May and June For Summer’s Heat

Rep Spotlight - On the road

A Peek into the Future

Rep Spotlight - Giant Opportunity

PCI, Merritt form Veterinary Distributors Group

Promoting Prevention

Loud and Clear

AVDA Report- AVDA Annual Conference

An Ounce of Prevention

Golden Prospects

Your Sales DNA Doesn’t Matter

Road Tales

AAHA-AVMA Canine preventive healthcare guidelines

Coach Em Up

Healthy Coats, Happy Pets

An Open Book

Digging for Dividends

Building Your Lab Business- Pet wellness: preventive care and diagnostics


Opening Remarks

Wake-Up Call

AAHA-AVMA Feline preventive healthcare guidelines

New Product Spotlight

Inventory Control- Orders and Outdates and Options – Oh, My!

Infectious disease prevention- On the surface

Managing Diabetes in Pets

Rep Spotlight- World View

PetMed Express relationship turning a corner?

Where Does the Time Go?

The Dental Focus

The Turnaround

Open Wide

Infectious Disease Control- First in a series: Taking Control

Get Real

Rep Spotlight- Territory Manager with a Heart

People- Barry Stoller: Grateful for a career

New Product Spotlight

Building Your Lab Business: First in a Series — Sponsored by IDEXX- T4 testing: selling around value

Successful selling in a demand-driven economy

Ringing in 2012

NASPHV Model Infection Control Plan for Veterinary Practices

Skin Allergies


AVDA Report- Save the Date

The Three-Second Door Opener

Seize the Deals

Constants of the Sales World

Living with congestive heart failure

SoundBytes Anniversary

Pet food ping-pong

The Inside Equipment Sale

Keying In

On the money

Taking Back their Business


New Product Spotlight

AVDA Report - Upcoming AVDA Events

Road Tales

Feline Friendly Handling

Got Preventive Healthcare?

Dealing with Market Volatility

Rep Spotlight - Jessy’s Girl

Profiles in Courage

Equipment Time

Growth for MWI Veterinary Supply Expected to Continue

Managing Resistance

Asking for the Truth

Taking the Lead

Location, Location, Location

An American Story

AVDA Report - Good People

In the Pet’s Best Interests

Road Tales

Got Talent?

Sigh of Relief

The Itch They Can’t Scratch


The Grand Illusion

Experience and Customer Differentiation Drive AHII

A Case for Prevention

Midwest Veterinary Supply - 50 and Fine



The Pace of Change

Summer Purchasing Patterns

E-mail Action

Selling Antibiotics

Rep Spotlight: John Villamizar - The Language of Sales

Customers for Life

It’s Time … for Growth

Every Call an Opportunity

Fun in the Sun?

Sales Meeting - Intestinal Parasites

Getting Back to Shore

Rep Spotlight - Animal Person

AAHA Accredited General Practice of the Year - Building Bonds



The First-Class Sales Call

What Vets Want

The One Constant

AVDA Report - AVDA Conference: Vets, distributors need to navigate change in year ahead

A Place at the Table

Partner vs. Friend

Management - Memorable Meetings

Competition in Aisle 7

New Product Spotlight

Sales Meeting - Easing the Pain

Deepening Customer Relationships


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