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7 Advantages of Digital Radiography

By Vet-Advantage
April, 2015

Digital radiography (DR) technology enables veterinarians to produce X-ray images without the use of film, chemicals or a darkroom, and save and share images electronically.

Your opportunities are endless with DR because it offers a number of important advantages over traditional X-ray equipment and film processing. Plus, you can expect commissions on $60,000 to $80,000 on purchases of DR systems.

7 Specific advantages of DR over traditional film-based systems

  1. No hazardous chemicals. Eliminated: exposure to fumes and handling harmful chemicals.
  2. Cost savings. Darkroom space can be converted for other uses. Film and chemical costs are eliminated.
  3. Speed. Images are generated quicker, decreasing exam time and improving workflow.
  4. Fewer retakes. Images may be viewed immediately and enhanced as needed.
  5. Ease of use. Images can be immediately enlarged to see bone and/or soft tissue in a single exposure.
  6. Easy storage and transmission. Easy to access, add them to patient records or transmit to other doctors.
  7. Increased revenue. Faster service and improved diagnosis can attract more patients to the practice.


All general veterinary practices make good candidates to either switch to DR or upgrade their system.

LookSedecal_Vet-Ray for clues when you're visiting a veterinary hospital. Some of your customers may be using old X-ray film equipment and a darkroom. This means they’re probably not using digital radiography and need to upgrade and eliminate the expense and hazards of X-ray chemicals. Other practices may simply have older DR systems. Since it’s been around for 15 to 20 years, many practices may be ready for an upgrade.

Check out these articles to review various DR options and customer benefits so you can help practices determine which system is ideal for them:

DR and Dental Care

Selling DR Benefits

Then engage your customers in a conversation that leads to a sale.


“Doctor, have you considered adding digital radiography to your practice? Are you aware of its benefits?”

If YES, confirm and support benefits.

If NO, assert the benefits as primary contact.

Present Confidence

“I’m sure that DR will provide incredible benefits to your practice, including faster, safer care.”

Use a Neutral Invitation

“Let’s look at how today’s DR options support better care and communication.”

Let the Customer Decide

“…So you can decide if DR is beneficial to your patients and practice.”

Guide review and alignment with questions

  • “How well is your practice managing with film-based X-rays?”
  • “What do you most dislike about it?”
  • “On average, how many images does your practice take each week?”
  • “Have you thought about how digital radiography can factor into your five-year investment plan?”
  • (If they have DR): “Have you thought about upgrading to a new DR system, since many of them have advanced quite a bit in the past few years?"

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