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Inside Look on How New Veterinary Products Get to Market — Part 2

By: Pam Foster
November, 2018

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the lengthy and very expensive process involved in getting a pharmaceutical or food-related product to market. And, we touched on what it takes to get an unregulated product to market.

As a veterinary industry sales representative, you’re discovering new products all the time. New products being added to distribution catalogs each month.

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Inside Look on How New Veterinary Products Get to Market — Part 1

By: Pam Foster
November, 2018

In September, the creators of 12 new veterinary products were invited to pitch their innovations to a committee of leading agricultural and animal health experts "Shark Tank" style. Their mission? To be selected for the coveted 2018 Animal Health Innovation Award at the 10th Annual KC Animal Health Corridor Investment Forum in Kansas City, MO.

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A VMX 2019 Preview with Strategies to Discuss At Veterinary Practices

By: Pam Foster
October, 2018

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

Even if you’re not attending VMX 2019 — and even if all your customers aren’t going — it’s still worth discussing the event with practices in your area.

Held on January 19-23, 2019, VMS is the biggest veterinary conference of the year and also the first major conference for 2019, which means just about every product manufacturer is showcasing its best and latest innovations for animal health.

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Time to Discuss Modern Methods for Veterinary Wound Treatment

By: Pam Foster
September, 2018

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at and discussed wound treatment and recovery with clinics in your territory, this may be a great time to mention the latest standards of care and new product options that support quick healing. 

Wound care may not be at the top of your list of topics to bring up during clinic visits. But every day, veterinary teams are caring for surgical patients, injured patients, and patients needing treatment related to burns, hot spots, punctures, and other wounds.

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Feline Anxiety Solutions Help Practices Make a Huge Difference to Cats

By: Pam Foster
September, 2018

Here’s a set of feline statistics to consider for a moment. 

  • 90% of pet owners are seeking help with behavior issues,1
  • Behavior-related issues are the most common reason for euthanasia in cats2, and
  • They’re the second most common reason for relinquishment of cats to shelters.3

Were you aware that behavior issues were so prominent for cats and so devastating for their owners?

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Start Talking with Practices About Section 179 Tax Benefits for 2018

By: Pam Foster
August, 2018

It’s not too soon to plan how you’ll help practices get a big break for tax year 2018.

The thing is, your customers may not be aware that The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 changed some of the laws regarding depreciation deductions on capital equipment purchases.* So, if you bring up these changes, you may possibly help your customers benefit from investing in new equipment.

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Show Independent Veterinary Clinics How to Compete the Wellness Way

By: Pam Foster
August, 2018

Here’s an idea to strengthen your customer relationships as a veterinary Distribution Sales Representative (DSR):

Help independent clinics foster healthier pets and happier clients while competing more effectively against the local competition.

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Help Veterinary Practices Be the Best Resources for Senior Pet Health

By: Pam Foster
July, 2018

Owners of senior pets are looking to their veterinarians for help to ease the various signs and symptoms of aging. 

Consider senior diets, for instance. In a June article about Petfood Forum 2018, it was stated that, “Veterinary advice and scientific research were more trusted than information directly from a pet food company.” This was a statement presented in a Forum session by David Sprinkle, publisher and research director at Packaged Facts.

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Know the Latest Surgical Glove Options for Veterinary Practices

By: Pam Foster
July, 2018

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the latest advancements and options in veterinary exam gloves.

Now it’s time to look at the other important glove category in veterinary medicine: surgical gloves.

As a DSR, Distributor Sales Rep — you’re the best resource for keeping veterinary teams informed on new surgical glove designs, features, benefits, and choices.

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An Interview with Ben Shaw of Vets First Choice

By: Pam Foster
June, 2018

In late April of this year, the veterinary industry was rocked with big news: “Henry Schein Will Spin Off Its Animal Health Business, Which Will Merge with Vets First Choice Forming an Independent Public Company

As a Distributor Sales Representative (DSR), this may affect you as Vets First Choice (VFC) becomes a major force in the veterinary market.  

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