Feline Care Ideas

By: Pam Foster
October, 2017
Big ideas veterinary DSRs can recommend to boost feline care visits

Back in 2012, the “Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study III – Feline Findings” revealed some major gaps in practice efforts to increase feline visits.

When surveyed practices were asked, “[Have you] implemented changes in the last two years to reduce stress for cats?”… 24 percent said, “No, but we intend to,” and 35 percent said, “No we do not intend to.” That’s a total of 59 percent who hadn’t implemented changes to reduce stress – a major barrier to visits.

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Stratifying Your Customer Base

By: Todd Brodersen
October, 2017
The importance of measuring the business you do with your accounts

It’s a common sales practice to stratify your customer list based on a couple of different measurements. Some folks measure their clients by the dollar amounts that they order, the number of orders in a given time frame, or the gross profit margin of the customer account. Other measurements can be things like estimations on percent of the customer’s total business that is ordered through you.

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Understanding the Decision Makers

By: Patrick T. Malone
October, 2017
Effective strategies to help your customers bring in more feline patients

I have written about distributor reps as a decision-getters. So, in order to help you improve your ability to get decisions, let’s focus on understanding your customers as the decision maker.

When your customer goes into decision-making mode, he/she is being influenced by two considerations:

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AVDA Survey Reinforces Distribution’s Value…

By: Pam Foster
August, 2017
And provides a road map to meeting customer expectations

You may have heard about the recent survey conducted by the Wedewer Group on behalf of the American Veterinary Distributors Association (AVDA), where they found that practice decision makers prefer Distribution Sales Reps (DSRs) over manufacturers, as indicated by these significant ratings:

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Advancing Veterinary Dermatology Treatments

By: Pam Foster
August, 2017

Just in case nobody has told you this lately, as a Distribution Sales Representative (DSR), you rock.

You’re bringing the latest – and best – solutions to the practices in your sales area. Your work is helping clinics treat patients more effectively. This means you’re making a major difference to veterinary medicine.

Let’s look at veterinary dermatology, for example.

Today’s new derm solutions are providing relief and healing in ways that never were possible before. 

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Accidentally Off the Grid

By: Edwards L. Blach, DVM, MS, MBA
August, 2017
Are you prepared if your mobile device goes offline?

During a recent trip, I left home to catch a plane for a weeklong business trip. Flying from Colorado to Washington, DC, isn’t that complicated these days, or at least that is what I woke up believing.

We all hear of people who voluntarily go on vacations where they can get ‘off the grid’ for some extended time to be de-tethered from their computers and mobile devices. On this day, I was de-tethered – but not on purpose.

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The People You Meet

By: Todd Brodersen
August, 2017
Understanding the personality types you will come across when working with veterinary practice teams

We are all shaped by our experiences, upbringing, likes, dislikes, education, family, and society. It’s impossible to know all of this about someone else without years of connection and conversation.

While it is probably safe to guess that most veterinarians and veterinary technicians are highly compassionate, caring, science-focused people and had a love for animals at a very early age, this doesn’t tell you much about their buying styles, their decision-making processes, or their personal preferences. This short article will provide some insights into the art of understanding four basic styles of personality types, and the best way to interact with them. Keep in mind that most people are a combination of different styles, but these insights will allow you to more closely identify a person’s primary motivators to foster better communication and relationships.

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Creating a Common Goal for Every Call

By: Pat Malone
August, 2017

The opening of a sales call sets the tone for how the rest of the conversation is going to proceed, and very often has a significant impact on the outcome. Knowing the most effective way to begin each call is critical to your success.

After the initial banter, when you are ready to get to the business of the call, there are three critical elements that must be present to create a common goal and set the stage for a productive call – your confidence, an invitation to neutral, and an acknowledgment of the customer as the decision-maker.

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Dental Chews

By: Pam Foster
August, 2017
By helping clients get into the habit of using safe, VOHC-accepted dental chews every day, you can boost oral health and client happiness.

While today’s dental chew market for dogs is massive with over $750M in sales and growing, veterinary practices are currently only capturing 2-3% of the market. So, it’s likely that your customers are not offering dental chews in their practice.

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Millennials and Veterinary Oral Care Decisions

By: Pam Foster
June, 2017

What DSRs need to know

When you visit the veterinary practices in your region, do you talk with them about millennials – the age group between 18 and 34?

This may seem like an odd question, but it isn’t when you see the latest data on millennial pet owners and their spending habits.

In March 2017, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey revealed that, “Gen Y/millennial pet ownership has officially surpassed baby boomer ownership by three percentage points to now account for 35 percent of all pet owners.” And in a PetFoodIndustry.com article about this news, Bob Vetere, president and CEO of APPA, stated: “This is a very passionate, active and connected group, and it’s been very exciting to see the ways in which our industry is working to meet the demands of this powerful demographic.”

Consider that again: Gen Y/millennial pet ownership has officially surpassed baby boomer ownership.

But that’s not all.

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